Dec. 8th, 2014

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LiveJournal is being pissy about cross posting and Deamwidth still has issues with cuts if images are included, so, in future I will only be updating Pleasantries on LiveJournal. Not that I want to, I would do just about anything to avoid the LJ interface, but I started the story there, it only makes sense to finish it there as well.

If you aren't on LJ you can still comment (anon commenting is enabled). I will share update notifications at my tmblr and twitter as well.

Now to the fic recs. The child and I are doing a .. thing. We will go with calling it a thing for now. To help with this thing I am looking for fic recs, specifically fic recs which contain a passage that you don't think a person could cold read out-loud without laughing. Good fics, bad fics, original or fanfic doesn't matter.  Just so long as it has a passage, somewhere in the fic that would be difficult for someone who has never read it before to read out-loud (in front of a small audience) without laughing. The more absurd the passage the better. We would prefer non-explicit for the passage which is to be read aloud. The rest of it can be explicit, the child won't be reading anything you send me except for the difficult passage.

Thanks, and yes, I will share the thing when it is done. :S


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