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Last time at the Stalk Residence *takes a deep breath* Amber Dawn became Amber Stalk by marrying Patrick Stalk (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] remisims ) Preston and Amber twirled into adulthood, Vivian (Preston and Amber's daughter) aged to teen, rolled farming and met her future spouse Hector Kelley (via [livejournal.com profile] amochan8878 ). *pauses for breath* Amber and Patrick welcomed their first child together, Randal, Amber fell pregnant (because at this point pregnancy may as well be a disease) and a whole lot of not much else happened including Preston making little to no progress toward his damn "20 simultaneous loves".

Not this time. Noooooo, he will fulfill that LTW if it kills us both.


Amber: Hello! Sim getting second baby bump here!

Yes. I know. Carry on.

I really think Preston is a closet family sim. He adores children, all children, even those who are not related to him in any way .. and if I think about that for just a bit longer I am going to creep myself out. For the record, he is totally not that kind of romance sim!

This is Preston's new best friend and what I am hoping will save my sanity. On the downside it cost $1000 which is like 500 times more than we would have paid the gypsy so I figure any cheaty type things this may do have now been accounted for.


We now commence a montage of random shots of Preston getting loves #4 through #6.





We now interrupt this random montage with the following message:



There is really no angle at which that is any better *whimper*


Don't do it Preston! That mouth will swallow your whole head!

A fate which Patrick almost looks like he is anticipating ... with significant glee.

Meanwhile a car was completed.


And a toddler was playing a pre-caking game of peek-a-boo.


Yes, I interrupted the date for the caking.


Randal grows up! With fingers!

We now rejoin the date in progress and try really hard not to think about those lips and this shot.


I laughed! And then I laughed some more and might have said "Not once you are finished with this date you aren't Alejandro!" because I have no maturity.

This guy will be love #7.


Vivian approves.

Amber: So, hi. Much as I hate to interrupt the serial dating, I am about to have a baby and I thought you maybe, might want to divide your attention for half a second or so.


This is Celia.


And this is two pairs of feet sticking out from under the blankets because I missed the hearts flying but the red heart in the relationship panel there tells me that Alejandro Straight no longer is!

I'm sorry. I will stop with the horrible, horrible jokes now. For the next thirty seconds anyway.

O.o Preston is trying to turn dating into a business ... actually ... that gives me an idea.

Preston is technically not supposed to be making money, not even by selling date flowers and I refuse to keep them around. He can spend money though!

So we will leave this pillow fight in progress for now and head over to Julien's house ...


Julien: I can't believe you made me do that.

Oh come on, it isn't like you have to go beyond setting it up.

Julien: Let's just get this over with so I can sell the damn thing back to the community ... at a significant loss of community funds I might add because you will hack them away if necessary.

Think of all the future romance sims you are helping.

Julien: Still sleazy.

Well, yes. That goes without saying.

Preston: Is it finished?

It is and it is named in honour of you as well.


This is Preston's Little Black Book which we will henceforth refer to as a "Club". And no, I can not show you what is going on inside.


Okay, I can show you a peek inside, but only to point out that we have inadvertently created Sally Tipple's natural habitat.


A little over 36 hours, a few espressos and a nap later ... Preston is almost done with his LTW!

Do not ask about the collar in the portrait there. You really, I mean REALLY do not want to know.


Back at places I can let other people see, Amber is now making curtains.


Patrick is still plugging away at getting 10 mechanical and maxed tinkering.


And I still REALLY like the utilities refunds.


Oh! One more point of mechanical to go! (Yes, pic is of Amber ... was where I was watching at the time)

And he's almost maxed tinkering too!

Mitzi is ridiculously popular still.

Silver badge!

First thing I am doing when I get to her house in the rotation is getting Adeline Harrell some new clothes!

I am going to have to watch these two I think. They appear to be joined at the hip every day after school.

Ummm ... Preston ... I am not sure helping with homework should be clothing optional.


He did put clothes on before playing catch on the front porch though. I suppose I should be thankful.

Seriously, Preston is awesome with kids.

These last 3 loves he needs we are going to do the old fashioned way ... or at least a slightly more conventional way.

Preston: I just need you to hook me up with three more, I can take it from there.

Kea: I heard about you, are you actually going to hand over cash?

Preston: No chance.

Kea: Then you take your chances.

I'm thinking there are going to be two gypsy grave stones in the cemetery ... Just sayin.


Preston: It isn't that I have anything against robots, far from it, I just have official word you are completely off limits.

Amadeus: I do not recall being informed I am not permitted to have platonic relationships. Perhaps that would be a suitable alternative?


Preston: I could totally go for that.

Amadeus: Friends it is then, though perhaps one of us may wish to extend the same courtesy to the woman with the crystal ball and warn her that this type of situation tends to get those in her profession killed.


Preston: Okay, try again. For real though, she has a very permanent way of dealing with those who give bad date drops.

Damn right I do.

Kea: Hand over the money junior.


HA! No chance you florescent orange old bitty! You get $3 ... and I am being generous.


Yeah, yeah, we know the routine.

She'll do.

Vivian: I see dad's cheap dates are getting cheaper.

Barbie (not joking!) was love #18 in nearly record time.


Preston: Would it be too much trouble to dispense with the usual and just get another date?

Kea: Is there any chance of actually getting paid?


ROFL! She's funny.


Oh! Yes! We can work with this one!


He already had a ridiculously high relationship with the guardian angle. So high in fact that one of these ...


Got him a whole bunch of these and we are at 19!!!!


This slide is here simply to illustrate that the children are not being neglected while Preston gets his romance on.


And this was going to be further proof what with the cake and all but then Barbie (Still not joking!) popped up.

Thank you, Barbie! I will stop making fun of your name and I am sorry I called you a cheap date.


Back to the birthday.

Which it seems I also forgot to get an after shot of.


I did get a shot of Patrick's new man-cave (His pink man-cave) which Barbie was kind enough to pay for.

Preston has taken a break from dating to potty train Celia. ♥ Preston!


This is inside Patrick's man-cave where there is no pink, no other sims permitted and everything he needs to work as long as possible. Well, nearly everything, but we added the toilet later when he could afford it. Also, note the stupid glow, which is not so stupid this time as it means he has maxed tinkering! Just that point of mechanical left to go.


Vivian seems to adore her little sister.

Dear Diary: There is only one more love to go. The best part is Kate has decided I can skip calling the gypsy this time and use the crystal ball myself. I don't care who this last sim is, though I would prefer they not have hugenormious lips. I still have nightmares ...


How about a hugenormious nose?

Preston: I can work with that.


Random Date Guy: So, I like thermometers. Do you like thermometers?


Preston: If by thermometers you mean playing doctor, yes, yes I do. In fact if you would like to step into my office right down the hall there ...


WOOO HOOOO! Literally!!! I can now ignore your want panel for the rest of your life!

I am so happy about this.


Umm, Preston, you don't need anymore of those ... and What the actual hell?! Hearts as she walks by??????

I think I need to get them alternative entertainment.


You have earned that smug little smirk Patrick! Good job!


I was kind of hoping Vivian would get a badge out of tending the garden before she moves out and starts farming. She didn't,


I will let this one speak for itself.

Dominick: Am I to presume this means you are done?

Preston: 20 loves in the bag and we can now get on with life.

Dominick: Speaking of getting on with life, will you come with me later to work out a few details of how we are going to do that?

Preston: Of course.


I think Vivian is just as happy to see Hector as Preston was to see Dominick.

*makes note to get Hector a string of pearls ... and giggle*

* * *

Preston: What are we doing way out here?

Dominick: We have a meeting with my new business partner.

Velma: So this is Preston?

Dominick: It is. Preston, may I present Velma Finely my new partner.

Preston: Um, hi.

Velma: Come on in.


Velma: How are we going to work this? It is my understanding it is easier for all involved if we share a house. Keeps everything in one inventory.

Dominick: You do understand this will put you into play and you will have to deal with all that comes with that, yes?


Velma: Yes. I have already had my rolls and I couldn't be happier with them. I assume you will be moving in here at the start of the next rotation.


Dominick and Preston: You want us to live here!?


Velma: ... This was my grandmother's house. I have a lot of memories here. My sons were born in this very room ...


Velma: I am joining your family team to make this work, the least you can do is let me keep my family home.


Preston: Wait ... Your joining the Harrell team?

Dominick: I meant to tell you ...

Velma: I owe Alexander a favour.


Preston: Oh dear gods ... alright, no one tell my dad until after it is a done deal.

* * *

Back at the Stalk house, Celia is about to grow up.


And she's done it well.


Oh ... goody ....


Vivian: I get to move out today!

Yes, yes you do.

But first Preston gets to move out ... and thus ends his tenure with team Murphy. Sims can't have heart attacks right? Cause if they can Braden is going to when he finds out.


And with Vivian goes the last of the Murphy's from house Stalk.


The remaining honorary Murphy's get along wonderfully.



Thus ends the week for the Stalk branch of Team Murphy with Preston poised to defect to the Harrell side.

Family tree below illustrates how everyone relates to everyone else.
If you wanted to explore the tree a little further you can do that here (be aware there are relationships on this tree which may not have been revealed in the course of the updates). It has a handy search down the bottom so you can jump to anyone you wanted to find out more about and I will be adding more photos as they are completed.

Next stop, Nigel and Wilhemina!
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