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Sep. 3rd, 2013 11:23 pm
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Last time we saw Nigel he was packing his bags and getting the heck out of his parents house as fast as possible. Not for any actual good reason, he was just tired of cooling his heels in teenhood and eager to get on with his life. In this case "life" means moving into this black and white almost-a-box and marrying Wilhemina Drexler. (via
[livejournal.com profile] ammochan8878 ).

A quick side note, I had previously been referring to those who rolled up working at the easel "artists". Obviously this clashes with the career of "Artist". Not the same thing, thus easel dwellers will now be referred to as "painters" which both Nigel and Wilhemina are.

If you will direct your attention to the back yard you will notice a distinct lack of a water tower. There is no solar panels on the roof either and no appliances inside. Yeah, we are doing another one of THOSE starts here.

Nigel: You do realize there is no chance we can top the level of innuendo achieved at the last wedding, right?

Wilhemina: And I am certain all will agree that is a good thing.

Yes, yes it is!

Yay! They are both happy about getting married!

*facepalm* They skipped the innuendo but are still heading straight for the bed.

And that is when Melanie decided it would be a good idea to slap her brother. I have NO idea what Noe did. None. As far as I knew they got along okay.

Whatever happened, Claire was traumatized by it.

As were Kari and Colton ... and all of this before the bride and groom got to the corner of the house!

... Yes, comfort the child .. who only needs comforting because you decided to be a bitch and start slapping his favourite uncle!

I do not understand sims .... like at all. I promptly sent everyone home before punches were thrown and more children burst into tears.

Meanwhile, demented purple hearts.

Let's talk about Wil for a minute shall we? She rolled up family with a perfectly doable LTW. which she seems to want to get started at right away and according to the "rules" of this challenge that means they actually get one directed "try for baby" every day that want remains in her panel.

I suppose I should be thankful that unlike the rest of the hood, they are not randomly naked for no apparent reason.

Evidence of lack of appliances :/ I miss appliances. I have gotten used to them.

Nigel has already maxed arts and crafts enthusiasm and creativity which is what he needed to do to earn them a point for "topping his career".

Wil has a ways to go yet.

Mitzi is still ridiculously popular and followed Nigel home from school where she proceeded to go around opening windows and then staring out of them.

She opened and then stared out of EVERY window in the house ...

And then played with the fridge .... *shrug*

I am not sure this is the type of thing one normally does while they have a guest over ... in the same room.

Happy Birthday Nigel! :P
Yes, Mitzi just stood there painting the whole time. Also this is when I saved my game. This is important to know because that means ...

... This didn't happen.

Or this, because about 5 sim days, a set of twins (boy and girl), a toddler caking and a house upgrade later we lost power due to a rainstorm and I lost it all! I was hours (sim hours even!) away from the end of this rotation!

This is take two, *sigh* So I thought this time around I would make sure the party was a roof raiser instead of just the "Good time" it had been last time through.

And then I got really tired of the cop crashing all my parties if they had music, so I deleted the cop. Don't do that. For the rest of the night all the guests just stood there unless they were specifically invited to join an activity and the party ended up sucking.

See, Nigel totally maxed on creativity.

And this is when Wil maxed arts and crafts enthusiasm. Just a few more creativity points to go!

Lamp delivery!

The lamp was not delivered in the week that didn't happen, but they had managed to upgrade the house. I did not have the patience to wait for them to ear the money this time. So they got a wish for money and a re-upgraded house. Utilities!

Look! Lights! And while I was initially all "Cool, her dress has a morph" when I looked from this angle it looks ... painful.

And Wil tops painting! YAY!

Not the most interesting house yet, It realy was nearly a day between this pic and the last one :/

What is with my sims and twins?

Welcome to the challenge Chastity and Charity! Somehow in the names the generator tossed me these looked like names Wil would choose. I am just waiting for them to roll Romance and Fortune respectively ...

No idea which is which.

Time to open the gallery! .... again.

O.o Still thankful she at least has clothes on but really ... underwear not the best choice for business attire.

The gallery turned out to be ridiculously popular with the playables though. I think they are tired of having empty walls.

Sold out in less than a day.

Still no idea if this is Chasity or Charity, but Nigel is awesome with both of them.

O.o Why do they paint the flower still at maxed creativity?

Birthday incoming! I think I forgot to get pics though .. either that or I decided to wait for the next rotation ... I don't remember :/

I did upgrage the gallery though, complete with some new custom paintings. There will be art on walls for week 8!

Time to tally up the score. With Nigel and Wilhemina moving into their own house, both topping their career, adding two span and a set of utilities we now have a Multiplier of 15 x 18 sims for a total of 306! Putting the Murphy clan in the lead by 72 points.

If you wanted to explore the tree a little further you can do that here (be aware there are relationships on this tree which may not have been revealed in the course of the updates). It has a handy search down the bottom so you can jump to anyone you wanted to find out more about and I will be adding more photos as they are completed.

The end of the week also brings us to a bit of a detour.

School time!

Aside from giving all the children a chance to socialize, which will become much more important once we have exhausted the gene pool and they start intermingling amongst themselves, it also gives them some extra time to pick up skill points.

Of course every so often something like this happens and next thing you know the whole hood has the flu ...

And I am not entirely sure how I feel about the principal wandering around in his pyjamas ...

Cooking points!

See the pink hearts and the make-out lips above Stewart's head? Yeah, those are courtesy of Kari. Kari who already has a fiance.

Just forget it ever happened Stewart, you will meet your spouse to be in just a few days and Kari is not it!

Dance class! The school is divided into two classes the children and the teens.

Random make-outs aside, the teens are not having anywhere near as much fun as the children.

The children do actually spend time skilling more than just hidden skills though.

No, Stewart. Just no.
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