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Jan. 21st, 2014 10:24 pm
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Last time at Harrell House 1 (and I only remember this because I just finished reading it :P) Rosica gave birth to quints fulfilling the "have 10 children" want ... plus an 11th because that is just the way this house works. I am warning you now, I can't tell them apart yet and the long break did not help that any. What followed was a long sequence of diapers and bottles and pain during which Stuart was largely neglected (Sorry Stuart) the house was expanded and Rosica fulfilled her Max all 7 Skills LTW. Longest sim days I have EVER played.

The quints aged up, Alexander had a fit about a toy robot Rosica left out for the children (though he changed his mind before throwing it away), Rosica and I hashed out exactly what earns the Business Owner point, Mitzi teenified into a knowledge sim with a future in Education and met her intended (Paris by winterinverona). Then Sally Tipple invited herself in and made out with Alexander. For the first time ever, Rosica had an issue with her husband's habit of kissing random women and things got ugly, though she did eventually forgive him.

Round about the time of being forgiven, Alexander headed out with the toy robot he had objected so much about to visit a witch living in the woods (she really does) and struck a deal for an as yet unrevealed spell after which he placed the robot on an out of the way shelf in his work room and warned Jason, very sternly, never to touch it.

Somewhere in there the quints aged up to child, Stuart teenified and will be unlocking the Artist career (not painter standing at the easel all day, the actual career), Wilford twirled into adulthood complete with promotion to legal secretary and, much to my dismay, Alexander and Rosica grew old together.

Whew! All caught up now? Good.

As we saw last time at the Stalk house, Dominick will be moving out to live with Preston and Velma Finley (the aforementioned witch in the woods), so it was time to send him packing so we could start the rotation proper.

Plus, they could really use the space! Wilford's intended needs to move in here today.

Alexander: It worked! It really worked! The servo is out of commission.

It is, and I am not terribly happy with you. I like Harley. I do not however like the scrubs. It is time you had a change of clothes and because I am not happy with you I get to pick them.

Sadly he pulled off the new outfit well. I was going to go a neon 'Goopy-esque', but that just seemed unusually cruel. So he gets typical old man instead.

No groping in sight. I think I should be proud of him.

Dena rolled up unlocking a career.

HAHAHAHAHA! Will never happen Dena. But I do see that Music and Dance hobby there. Hmmm, unlocking the Music career perhaps? Yes, I think that would suit her nicely.

Stuart looks a lot like Rosica.

Mitzi comes home with a promotion!

And now that everyone is home from school/work, time for an actual wedding! First in the hood with chairs and decor and everything!

Though it would appear I somehow forgot to actually get the happy couple engaged first ... opps!

I should have known ... first wedding with seating and not a one of the guests is sitting. Hell only one of the guests is even paying attention!

I am looking forward to unlocking wedding cakes ... really. I haven't worked out what it is going to take to do that yet, but I am looking forward to it.

I suppose I should be happy they eventually used the chairs for something.

Demented purple hearts achieved and look! I have sims who actually waited until they were married!

And then the plague started.

Rosica is getting forgetful in her old age.

See, she even forgot she lit the kitchen on fire and just kind of walked away.

Plague I tell you!

Alexander still tinkers at the toy bench, but I have mostly put both him and Rosica into retirement.

He keeps busy though and the shower needs a good beating from time to time.

The official passing off of the toy store and the left over stock. I think I will bring her down to the store on occasion during Dominck's rotation and see if she can't get that last point for her badges.

Wilford climbs the ladder.

And then Mitzi.

Still takes a long time to serve all those plates.

I have no idea what Alexander did that was so shocking.



I'm going to miss them.

The plague continues.

Don't even chuckle!

I dare you!

Okay, really, this might be over achieving.

Personally, I have never seen an aquarium while cloud gazing ... I think I am kind of jealous.

This is your official birthday spam warning.


I have no idea why I took this shot, but Mitzi is still awesome with children.

No really, don't laugh.

Not even a little bit .......

Colton (Channing via Melanie and Chesley) and Adeline (Harrell via Darius and Bree) followed someone home and spent the rest of the day cheating at chess.

Both of them.


Every turn.

Way after the time they should have gone home.

The plague continues to spread.

And yes, Adeline and Colton are still back there, cheating at chess.

Alexander is practicing the new sport of child launching.

I should be happy for them. Then I look at the side bar and just wonder where we are going to wedge a baby.

Dena, dear, that work outfit is horrible. You get a complete makeover when you get home to something more befitting a future Rock God.

Is luck on her side today?

Hell yes it is!!!!

Congrats, now, time to be less ... old school teacher.

Much better!

Edgy, but not trashy.

Two! Two successful chance cards and two promotions in one day!

Celebration well deserved!


Birthday time.

There will be no post caking. I seem to have forgotten a post caking. So just enjoy this pic for a moment, okay?

I did get prefs randomized though and this is important because all but one of them rolled up a spouse. I have misplaced my notes though and now have no idea what they got for careers. I will have to re-roll I think :/

The outfit has a bump! Bonus!

This is about to get confusing ...

Janelle (I can tell because she is a she) Drew Christopher Byrne from the gene pool.

Jarret (I think) got Clara Tempa.

Jordan (again, I think, and I am only even remotely confident in guessing because the family tree says so) got Clara's sister Evelin.

Jason rolled the new live together if her finds someone option so he got to skip the dating and that means we are at the point in the introductions where I know EXACTLY who these next two are!

Stuart and Amo. I am uncertain how to react to this. He spends a ridiculous amount of time admiring himself in the mirror, she thinks swingsets on community lots are clothing optional. They are either going to be inseparable or hate each other.

I am not even going to try to keep up. Suffice it to say there was a lot of this.

Some of this.

Eventually, this happened which eased my mind a bit.

More of this than I care to think about.

A couple of these.

And this.

And this as well.

And I totally did NOT see this coming with as lukewarm as they had been all day!

I needed to wrap the dates up though because ...

Mitzi is about to grow up and I did not want to deal with that many extra people. Just Paris is enough for guests. Mitzi obviously agrees.

:O I SWEAR I ended that date and sent him home!!! *sob*

Mitzi doesn't look excited :/ and oh look! more people who did not go home when they were supposed to.

O.O did she just grow up into her work clothes? (Bonus on the promotion!)

She totally did. I sent her to change into everyday ... this IS her everyday. I really do think she is destined to be education minister, the future college may be named after her yet!

Alexander enjoys Dena's career reward. Rosica looks ... stoned :/

*sigh* At least they waited until she was an adult.

Seriously, this house is too full.

There are a lot of children about to move out and they can keep whatever money they take with them, so I had ... ummmm ... someone (I seriously need to work out how to remember which is which!) use up the last wish for money.

Mitzi: That wasn't the baby bump was it?

No. That was because you never exercise. Not that you can tell she gained weight, but she did.

Preventing awkward date drops, because you never know.

She accepted.

That looks so painful.

Well, duh! Did you expect your parents to be thrilled by this? You are like 3 days into being a teen!

It is an interesting effect though, this whole teen pregnancy having an effect on the parent/child relationship (it REALLY effects the relationship of the parent/other guilty party in the whole pregnancy thing) adds to the game a lot.

The tag team yelling though .. that is maybe a bit overdone.

A lot!

This mess brought to you by moving some sims out of this house before I am trying to wedge people in with a shoe horn! Going this round are Mitzi, Stuart and Janelle.

Much smaller sidebar ...and a much bigger Dena!

Visual tree to help keep track of who is attached to whom and so forth.

You can explore further (possible spoilers!) here if you like.

Next up is over to Harrell House 2 with Isaih, Arron, Beka and their brood.
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