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Not moving far! Maybe 60 feet. Still in the same fence .... it's complicated. There was a stealth leaky roof, floor damage, discovered when the bathtub tried to fall through the floor ... suffice it to say I will be happy to get out of the 32 foot trailer we are currently in. I need space!!!!

All of the above means I haven't spent much time at my computer (thus the really late replies ...SORRY!!! :S ).

Now for the question, but first! Pics. (which I apologize in advance for, my phone seriously, really sucks at pictures).

This is Nathair (aka Snakeface or Shithead). He was gifted to my daughter in May to help with the sting of "No, child, I'm sorry you can't keep the baby garter snake. It is not legal here." He is a baby (about 5 months old)  "normal" (wild type) corn snake.

It would be an understatement to say I was jealous. I LOVE snakes ... a lot.

Fast forward to a week ago ....

This is my birthday present from my Mom (THANK YOU MOM!!!!!!!)

She (We are guessing here, both have vet appointments next month so maybe we will find out then ...)  is a 10 month old Caramel Stripe Corn Snake. She is absolutely adorable, a complete sweet heart and spends most of the time she is out of her Vivarium wrapped around my wrist like a bracelet.

Now comes the question.

I need name suggestions. I have thought of a few. When the child was thinking up names for her snake Sir Pent of Scalebottom was my top suggestion and I still think it would be awesome, but it does not seem to fit this snake. Butterscotch was in the running for a bit until Mathew repeated it and all I could hear was Southpark. I am coming up blank!

So, if you have any suggestions for names, I would love to hear them. Please? Help the poor snake before she is forever stuck with "Pretty girl" ... and then the vet tells us she is really a he ...


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