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First, about my last post, thank you for the words of encouragement both here and elsewhere. I am doing okay (and I mean that this time). Spoke to my doctor and we came up with a plan. Apparently I already had a much better handle on the situation than it felt like I did. That was good to hear. The situation sucks but I am on the right track.

Now on to Pleasantries.

I know I said the lack of images was temporary, but right now I just can't bring myself to rebuild the hood, again. When I think about even starting it just ... ugh. So many houses to redo, so many sets and little details that need to be included that the whole process takes, literally, months. I just don't feel up to putting in the time right now. Maybe at some point I will, but not now.

On the other hand I want to finish the story. I have other stories I have been working on, but every time I go to work on them recently I feel guilty that I still have Pleasantries sitting there unfinished. This guilt is 100% my own and has nothing to do with anyone who may still be interested in reading the story. It is a nagging little voice in the back of my mind that says "You will fail anything you try to write because you never finish anything. You can't even finish Pleasantries and you have known that whole story for years now."

So I will be finishing Pleasantries, and I will be posting it. It will be text only for now and maybe for ever. I NEED to finish this story. For my own sake. If you want to read along that is wonderful, I hope I can entertain you on the way. If not, that is okay too. I just need to get it out to shut that annoying damn voice up once and for all.

That being said, I have been writing a lot the past few days and, personally, I think it is working out better now that I know I will not have the images there to tell half the story. I am more aware of conveying emotions in the text rather than relying on the sim's expressions to do it for me. I am far more acutely aware of setting the scene now that I know it can't be seen. Both of those seem to be leading me further into the characters minds and that is coming out on the page.

It has been an interesting phenomenon to witness and a small portion of me wants to go back to the beggining and start again just to watch the characters come to life in a way that the previous version didn't because I was relying on the images too much. I am (probably) not going to, at least not right now. We will see.

All of this to say the remainder of chapter 6 will be up in the next few days when Lilith and Caelen will go on something resembling a date, Anto will be dropped head first into his own little hell, Ripp gets brave and the bottom drops out of Winston's world. Oh and we will finally get some answers about those poor murdered alien girls.
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