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But only in the extremely vague sort of way!

I probably won't be back around until November (still have the rat-brat's costume to finish along with everything else) thus why the journal is decorated a little early and I REALLY wanted to have a short story finished by now, the laptop harddrive waved goodbye the other day so it is in being fixed and I have to rewrite the whole thing over again (which I will, but I just don't have time to complete it before the end of the month) sooooo ...

Canon compliance in obscure ways!
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Because it would be wrong.
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Fine! I admit it. I am a horrible, awful sims_anon lurker. I check it out at least twice a day (You guys write some good shit!). Imagine how loud I squeed when I saw this! Imagine how all "Holy shit. Hot!" I was when I saw the response!

Anon requester. I ♥ you. Anon writer, I ♥ you HARD! Cal/Anto never crossed my mind but wow!

I promise I am not currently trying to rework the story .... okay, maybe I thought about it ... a lot. Do be advised should you click the above link, it is NOT fluff.
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Fear for the cheese )

Of course you do realize this means the next update is imminent, yes?
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I don't remember who tagged me for Anto :( If it was you please let me know so I can get your name up here! We all know how this works by now yes? So I won't post the rules.

Instead I will post a confession. If I had to say I had a crush on any of my characters, this would so be the one. It's a huge crush even, like massive. Anto is just made of yummy. Also I had way too much fun selecting Anto's quote. There was much giggling with sadistic glee. No strangling me please ... and more than just two pictures this time. I couldn't make up my mind on which of the work shots to use.

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