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No, I still do not have an update ready to go mostly because I am basically a chickenshit. No, really. I listen to the nagging voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me what I have sucks and won't make any sense because I "can't do this without the pictures there to tell half the story" and get really, really depressed about writing in general.

Which is just stupid. I know this and eventually I will get really, really pissed off instead and tell the voice to sit the hell down, shut up and leave me alone. That stage doesn't usually take long to get to. I just have to get to it. Everything that comes before I get there? Yeah, that is why I will never write for anything other than fun (I am having fun, I swear!) because if I had to go through this with the added pressure of deadlines and editors and all that other stuff? Just ugh, no. My personal standards are enough thanks.

So, what have I been doing instead of writing? Well ...

Cartography and why you will never get -and don't want- a complete history of Pleasantries )
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Like this conversation between Buzz and Darren.

* * * )

Then Darren sold him a dog ..........
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I'm going to start with the secret, because it is making me a bit uncomfortable.

In which I ramble and things get sappy ... but there is Anto! )
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I did. Did you believe me?

I told Mathew to stop me. He didn't.

It has come to my attention I am going to need formal dress uniforms for my police officers ... I haven't made them yet, but I did do this.

Don't look, it is bad )

Why did he not stop me?
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So, working on the update for Chasing Daylight two days ago when my game crashed ... this is not all that unusual. So I restart and ... my game won't load ... on any User Account.

Glitchy!  )
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Fear for the cheese )

Of course you do realize this means the next update is imminent, yes?
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I've been playing.

Okay, really what I've been doing is trying not to hate the Green Little Shit quite so much.

He's really not that bad. He's actually pretty laid back and easy going. I know this. It is just that if there is one sim that is going to make my life difficult in ways I wouldn't even have thought possible during a shoot for the story, it will, without exception, be Telesto. He is also the one that throws me plot kinks on a regular basis.

So, I have been in the game "getting to know him better" without worrying about posing and plot while working on his LTW.

Slightly Spoilery. But nothing huge past Chapter 4

This is the Green Little Shit's LTW. It could have been worse. It could have been 50 First Dates. There is no way in hell that would ever happen. This one though, might be doable.

Backyard dating - Ripp and Tel style. )
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Okay, yes. I really am having difficulty with this not writing Chapter 5 thing! I am going to go work on much later portions here in a bit and see if that will help.


Talking to [ profile] tainted_sanzo in my earlier behind the scenes picspam post reminded me of this!

Spoilers for ... ummm everything but let's go with Chapter 4, the rest won't make much sense :D


This is the last shot from the opening sequence of the Prologue of Pleasantries. Most of the main characters are here (Anto and Cal are kind of hiding in the back there behind Daniel and Brandi). I was going for a typical, formal social gathering feel.

That gathering was actually the wedding of Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario.That shot took me ages to set up. It wasn’t that it was a particularly difficult scene to do, fairly easy once I figured out placement actually. Problem was I couldn’t stop laughing!

Why? Well …
Presenting: What REALLY Happened at the Wedding of Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario! )
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I am having a really hard time NOT writing Chapter 5 :( Seriously. Itchy fingers in the extreme! They are in my head talking at me and I want to write it down so badly! Sure I am making notes, but that is so not the same thing.

So how about some behind the scenes picspam?


Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Chapter 4! Seriously. HUGE Spoiler. If you have not read Chapter 4 yet do that first.

Really. Spoilers. Don't click if you haven't read the Chapter. )


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Creepy stalker!

slightly spoilerific )

He creeped me out too much to deal with this anymore today :( I am now off to sleep where I will hopefully NOT have weird dreams of obsessive aliens and can pick this back up tomorrow when it should be all finished .. provided of course the background filler doesn't get all weird on me again ...
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I have only just gotten a lighting mod to work in my game. You have no idea how ridiculously happy this makes me. You saw the first signs of it in the first sequence of the last Pleasantries update.

This is the rambling part ...  )

Close-ups look way better now though so you can expect more of those!

Anyway, now that I am finished rambling. If you notice things looking different in the world of Pleasantries, now you know why. I'm excited about it! If you don't notice, hey, that's great too. In any case I just want you to be enjoying the story :D


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