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Now that I don't have anti-psycotic medications trying to turn me into a mindless, drooling zombie (Still a tad annoyed by that) I have higher brain function and I want to play sims. So, I have this shiny new computer, that is having no issues with ANYTHING I want to do with it ... except TS2.

I have not added or removed anything from what was running perfectly on Mathew's computer. Just did a direct transfer over and now, every time I try to use certain buy catalog sections it crashes.

I have pulled all of the potential problem content and it runs fine, all tabs open, all good. I start putting the content back and it still runs fine, the catalogs open and it is all good. Until I put those last two or three files back in. Then it is back to crashing.

The real kicker is that it doesn't seem to matter what those last few files are. Like I can put all of the content I had previously pulled out, back in and take out something else entirely (like say a couple beds, when the bed portion of the catalog has never caused an issue) and it will still run perfectly, until I put those last few file back in.

Is there a limit to the number of files you can have in your dl folder which I have somehow managed to avoid running into before even though I have fewer file than I used to? Something I need to tweak to get the game to run on quad core instead of the dual core it has been running on? Do I need to do some sort of ritual where I sacrifice 3 pickles and a whole wheat bagel under a full moon or something?

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My sister, Mom, Mathew and The Rat-brat are seriously awesome.

Combine this case, with this motherboard, this CPU, this graphics card and a few other bits (like 8 GB DDR3 RAM) and you have what they got me yesterday!

I can play sims! On MY computer! With all my downloads! And it only takes 20 minutes from starting the game to in a lot actually playing!

I can also play Metro 2033 on Very High settings at around 25-30 fps for those who that makes sense for. Just High settings pushes 40 no problem. Everything else holds steady at around 60.

Oh, and photoshop does't lag for an hour when I make big sweeping brush strokes on 9000px wide canvases anymore!

I am about to go try Mass Effect again and see if those momentary lag spikes I was getting last time (on medium settings) are gone. I am guessing they are. :D

Then I am going to go WvW in GW2 for a while and enjoy non locking graphics and after I am all done playing with the new shinies and marveling at smooth framerates I will get back to sims, and hood rebuilds and story updates. YAY!!!

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New CPU is all installed (has been for a bit actually) and my computer loves me again! Almost ... :(

The slow loading is gone, the lag is gone, everything works perfectly. Except TS2.

Get this. If I pull any one sub folder out of my downloads (it doesn't matter if it has 1 file or 10, 000 files in it) the game works perfectly. As soon as I put that folder back it will crash randomly on trying to use the build/buy catalog or every time trying to use the design tool. This is on both an established (Pleasantries) account and a fresh account with about 8gigs of CC (yes, this account had a purpose as well).

I'm confused. Anyone ever heard of this?
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Only you have to overlay that with the completely disturbed/wtf tone he said it with. Poor Mathew. It is sad when he feels confident to use that image to calibrate his monitor. Probably a testament to how often he sees it.

In other news! Computer is back up and running. Thank you to the anon tech fairy (you are totally the tech fairy now!) who tried to help sort out the issues without needing the full reformat. When I screw things up, I REALLY screw them up.

Almost everything is now reinstalled, I think, and back-ups are being copied over so ... soonish? Maybe. Unless I forgot something (count on that, I always do) and then I will have to rebuild. But the glitter bugs are now floating around my computer at start up and I only kind of want to squish them and I can install stuff now, and I own my files again so all in all it is going good.
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Reading [ profile] kittykat2010 's post earlier where she mentioned her mouse wheel didn't work and I was all "Wow, that has to suck. So glad that is not me!"

I should not have thought that because there I was, working on the images for 5.6, happily scrolling away and ... my mouse wheel died.

Thus I am no where near as close to finished as I wanted to be :(

Course that does mean you get another teaser, because I like teasers and it seems freaking [ profile] amochan8878  out with them keeps me motivated *nod*.

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Jul. 3rd, 2011 04:53 am
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There was stripping, pushing of all the right buttons over and over again, whispers of "Come on baby, work for me," tentacles, murmers of "oh baby, slide your port a into my slot b," all climaxing with a "faster, harder" ... drive.

Listening to Mathew doing computer repair sounds a lot like porn.


7 more minutes while my back-ups install and I can totally tell you if my game works better on the new motherboard! Everything else is running way better. This is hopeful.

*EDIT* OMG! You guys!!!! I don't have to push F1 to start my computer anymore!

*Edit the second* 12 minutes to load my game. 12. Down from 45-50!

Is it still crashing when I try to pan the camera or open the buy menu (Which is what prompted the "Fooie, I need my motherboard replaced like NOW! My computer is currently on par with WebTV!")?

I can haz game? )


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"So, is it alright if at some point your PC speaker sounds and something in the case explodes? Pretty colourful sparks, puffs of smoke, like that time my powersupply blew up. You remember that, good times."

"Sticky white stuff in the CPU fan is not going to be a problem for you is it?"

"Watch this!" *giggles hysterically while touching finger to exposed wire* *giggles harder as the computer powers on*"Only now I can't turn it off unless I unplug it."

"You realize I have no idea how to put this back together..."

I swear he does have a clue what he's doing. Really. But if it is okay with everyone, I am just going to sit over here and pray, a lot.
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You guys!!!! OMG! I am so excited (and it has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming cheesecake, that just makes it better!). I did it! I donno how, but OMG!

Here, I explained it to mathew already, I will share.

chat thingy )


Yeah, okay. I am just a little bit excited about this.

I really did put in the wrong versions of my recolours. The Villega family is back from their stint rooming with the Reaper and I can do a quick reinstall FROM BACK-UPS!

And this time, I know how to avoid the bug that caused the duplicate characters in the first place (double check your game versions on mods, really! Even if you are sure, check anyway!) :D

Yeah, I am done with the excited babble now, I am going to go bounce around the house for a few more minutes then get back to posing, cause I don't have to spend weeks doing a hood rebuild.
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So, working on the update for Chasing Daylight two days ago when my game crashed ... this is not all that unusual. So I restart and ... my game won't load ... on any User Account.

Glitchy!  )
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Not the point I wanted to make though.


now to find the time to finish it )

Really. Promise.
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So my MP3 player glitched again last night. That's always fun. Completely erased itself.  I was kind of grumpy about that but it is probably time for a new one anyway, it won't hold a charge very long anymore.

Then we lost electric for a few minutes. Some sort of power surge thing, not really a big deal right?

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! )
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Well the HTML portion of them anyway. This is not good. Not good at all.Chapter 5.5 is ready to go (with much external help!)  and I would like to get it posted (you know, before I change my mind again) and LJ is eating my html.

Turning it into an unrecognizable mess really and all the images show up as "This image has been moved or deleted". I fix the HTML, so it is working and the images will display, preview ... and it has eaten it all over again.

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K, so I seem to be physically incapable of starting the game.

Seriously in need of a motivational speech! )


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