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While my TOU are very liberal and you can pretty much do whatever you want with whatever I have (see individual items for specific details) Under no circumstances is it ever okay to upload anything you got from me to TSR.

image courtesy of liegenschonheit at GOS

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One of my biggest pet peeves in TS2 is that the farm fields are "effects" and thus can't be seen from within the lot. I mean really? That is a pretty major piece of atmosphere adding deco there, which a lot of us have spent a long time setting up to have exactly the right feel to it, and yet once you are in the lot your atmosphere just vanishes. It is also more than a little annoying that the farm fields are huge and you can't make anything but a square out of them.

I finally got tired of my atmosphere having to be "close enough" and going *poof*.

Really, with the size of these now it is closer to 1/4 of an acre, but who is really counting? I cloned the dirt road from Criquette's Decorative Road Set and applied textures from the Maxis Farm fields.

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I feel it might be necessary to point out that in absolutely no way is the following download intended to offend anyone, nor will I take responsibility for any use by anyone, anywhere which does offend anyone. Further, if for some completely asinine (if you are offended by this download the ONLY reasons available to you fall under the category of "asinine") reason you are offended I will thank you to keep it to yourself.

Things you never thought you would have to say ... moving on, yes?

Models by remisims, [personal profile] jeans_sim_memoirs and of course, maxis.

Readers of Pleasantries (or those who just stalk my journal) might remember this make-over I posted ages ago of Tybalt.Previews and download under the cut )
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When I first posted pics of this, I was asked to share when it was finished. It has only taken me since April to be completely happy with it, and I kind of accidentally deleted the whole thing once so I had to start again, but it is done now!

clicky for full size

All premade (excluding Uni and Vaction) 'hoods in one SimCity 4 Region.

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I was supposed to have this up days ago along with that outfit Lil is wearing in the shot I posted a few days ago. Lil's outfit is giving me pixelated nightmares along the edge of the tie and I kind of got sidetracked by that. But then, after talking to [ profile] bolob about it a few days ago I suddenly realize this sharable might be relevant to the current dare over at [ profile] maxis_taste. SO, I finished the last of the cleanup on the textures, tested it in game, grabbed the first 5 available teen girls I could find and Voila!

I am pretty happy with how this turned out, plus first ever time adding a normals map to a mesh and it worked! I learneded things!

... Now someone please tell me I am not the only one who actually really, desperately even, needs a wedding dress for teen sims ... please, I am feeling a little weird about this. :P
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A while ago Dustfinger made this conversion for teens. Not so long ago I was on a hunt for a teen wedding gown. I didn't find much that would fit the bill so I set about making one.

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The first of several share-ables actually, but first the progress report!

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Fairly straightforward this one. 8 face art/doodles/blush things for all ages and genders from an assortment of photoshop brushes I found on DA. They are multiwearable with other blushes and each other so you can get some interesting statements going on with your sims make-up.
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So you get two in one post! :P

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As selected by [personal profile] bolob: Original Fractal Art by me on "Three's Company" mesh by justmoi. Mesh is required. Download it here.  Requires Night Life.

Yes, I do take requests and suggestions of meshes to put the images on (especially the meshes!). If you are looking for something specific, some of my fractals are here. Feel free to request any of them and if you have a mesh in mind, suggest that as well (original creator policy permitting of course.)

On with the previews.
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You know that first apartment? The one that wasn't a complete wreck, just almost. It is old and worn with a few things broken and definitely showing it's age. With decades old wall paint you just can't get clean no matter what you scrub it with but the landlord calls it "character".

This was inspired by mine.

*note* The window/door mesh was not packaged with this lot. You will need to download it separately. Liam Buildset.

Size: 3x3
Price: Rent is §1, 215 - §1,225 (One apartment is missing a kitchen sink for authenticity)
Floors: 3 + Basement. 4 units on each floor, Basement common area.
Rooms: Each Unit has kitchen, living/dining. bedroom, bath, a "spare" room that is large enough to hold a single bed (but not much else) and a small deck. Common areas include basement with amenities (public washrooms, games, bar), Outside grilling area in the back with playground equipment for the children.
Furnishing: Minimal basics
Play-tested: Yes
Landscaped: Fully, with terrain paint.
Requires: Apartment Life obviously, but was built with all EP and SP. I do not believe there is anything SP crucial.

Details, you know you want 'em. )
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I promise these will only be semi spammed, I am about to actually go sleep :P

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I abused the hell out of Adele's walls, floors and furniture on this one.

Size: 4x2
Price: §125, 249 (furnished), §67, 608 (unfurnished)
Floors: 2 + Basement
Rooms: Basement, 4 bedrooms (3 large, 1 twin), 3 bath (2 half bath, master bath), Nursey/Den on second floor.
Furnishing: Semi (is totally livable with all necessities, a lot of space to add more), unfurnished version as well.
Play-tested: Yes
Landscaped: No
Requires: Built with all EP and SP, though you could probably get away with skipping a SP or two.

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While sorting through my downloads I stumbled on a pack of recolours I created for a S4S contest a while ago. I think it is fair to release to everyone else now.

CC Preview

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But why not?

Hat is actually for teen-elder. Available over here.

Also, while I am here for a moment:

Happy Holidays!

I forgot!

Aug. 23rd, 2011 04:49 am
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Got a reminder on formspring though so he's here now!

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There are more in the works but I (think) I have enough to finish the scene for chapter 5 now. (Now  a.k.a. "The chapter of recolours") so the next set will actually be a few days. Unless I get bored ... then it could be here tomorrow.

Now available on dreamwidth, Though do read the warning at the top of the post.

Seriously, I was groaning at myself for hours over that one. I did it anyway! But ... yeah.
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Before we get into this I need to warn everyone. One of these is in incredibly bad taste.


Hairspray, Lipstick, Cologne and ... yeah. )
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Somehow I don't think Sims was the intended outlet though ... *shrug*


And yes, I will totally take requests if you have a pressing need for more spam. I need a ton of these things and there is only so much in my downloads folder that yells "Spam me!" without suggestions *nod*


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