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While my TOU are very liberal and you can pretty much do whatever you want with whatever I have (see individual items for specific details) Under no circumstances is it ever okay to upload anything you got from me to TSR.

image courtesy of liegenschonheit at GOS

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You know that first apartment? The one that wasn't a complete wreck, just almost. It is old and worn with a few things broken and definitely showing it's age. With decades old wall paint you just can't get clean no matter what you scrub it with but the landlord calls it "character".

This was inspired by mine.

*note* The window/door mesh was not packaged with this lot. You will need to download it separately. Liam Buildset.

Size: 3x3
Price: Rent is §1, 215 - §1,225 (One apartment is missing a kitchen sink for authenticity)
Floors: 3 + Basement. 4 units on each floor, Basement common area.
Rooms: Each Unit has kitchen, living/dining. bedroom, bath, a "spare" room that is large enough to hold a single bed (but not much else) and a small deck. Common areas include basement with amenities (public washrooms, games, bar), Outside grilling area in the back with playground equipment for the children.
Furnishing: Minimal basics
Play-tested: Yes
Landscaped: Fully, with terrain paint.
Requires: Apartment Life obviously, but was built with all EP and SP. I do not believe there is anything SP crucial.

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I abused the hell out of Adele's walls, floors and furniture on this one.

Size: 4x2
Price: §125, 249 (furnished), §67, 608 (unfurnished)
Floors: 2 + Basement
Rooms: Basement, 4 bedrooms (3 large, 1 twin), 3 bath (2 half bath, master bath), Nursey/Den on second floor.
Furnishing: Semi (is totally livable with all necessities, a lot of space to add more), unfurnished version as well.
Play-tested: Yes
Landscaped: No
Requires: Built with all EP and SP, though you could probably get away with skipping a SP or two.

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I found a purpose for my Dreamwidth! I am so proud of me ... okay I am not really but hey. What actually happened is I was an idiot. I went to load up the school late last night to reshoot some scenes for the next chapter of Pleasantries and it crashed my game. I restarted the game, reloaded the lot and it did it again. That is what happens when you save a lot in the middle of a Simlogical School session with 35 students, 10 staff, (all active and selectable) some of them on OMSP and in various poses with cheats on and hacks active ... yes, I do stupid things with my game all the time! So since I had to drop a new instance of the school and clean out all the extra crap it had accumulated anyway ... I'm sharing!

Right, first things first. This lot is huge. I may at some point remake it on a smaller scale but my computer can handle it. If you would like me to remake it smaller for some reason, poke me and remind me that if the lot were smaller I could put more sims on it before my computer started to lag.
Lot Size: 6x5
Lot Type:
Custom Content Included:
Yes, quite a lot actually.
Requires: University
. It may or may not require more than that (I have all EP and SP and it was built using all of them) but I know for a fact that it requires Uni for the lockers. If you do not have Apartment Life you WILL be replacing the Atrium stairs and possibly the railing, and I have no idea what happens to wall hangings that have been shifted up and down walls if you don't have AL either. If you don't have AL and you install this, let me know because there are a lot of shifted wall hangings. I have heard that installing with clean installer will solve some of the EP compatibility issues but can not confirm this. It is a good idea to use Clean Installer anyway, you know to be on the safe side.

I am of course very interested to hear how this works in other game configurations. Let me know what works and what doesn't. I am not able to use the Any Game Starter and I would love to be able to build for all games so send in the feedback! Also it has been several years since I have packaged a lot for upload, so there is every possibility I screwed it up...

Time for the pretties.

Front entrance, from the street.
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