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While my TOU are very liberal and you can pretty much do whatever you want with whatever I have (see individual items for specific details) Under no circumstances is it ever okay to upload anything you got from me to TSR.

image courtesy of liegenschonheit at GOS

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I feel it might be necessary to point out that in absolutely no way is the following download intended to offend anyone, nor will I take responsibility for any use by anyone, anywhere which does offend anyone. Further, if for some completely asinine (if you are offended by this download the ONLY reasons available to you fall under the category of "asinine") reason you are offended I will thank you to keep it to yourself.

Things you never thought you would have to say ... moving on, yes?

Models by remisims, [personal profile] jeans_sim_memoirs and of course, maxis.

Readers of Pleasantries (or those who just stalk my journal) might remember this make-over I posted ages ago of Tybalt.Previews and download under the cut )
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Fairly straightforward this one. 8 face art/doodles/blush things for all ages and genders from an assortment of photoshop brushes I found on DA. They are multiwearable with other blushes and each other so you can get some interesting statements going on with your sims make-up.
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I can't seem to keep anything simple.

Like ever.

What started as a simple matter of highlighting Caelan's nose freckles has turned into ...

Banner Image taken in game on Maxis Blends by [ profile] remisims and Venice-Magdalene by Pyxis

Eight chocolate, multi-wearable, "camera visible" (see details after previews), freckle blushes with three shades and various levels of "dusting".

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Random Box of Random

Because why not?

Welcome and all the rest of that. Friend away. I don't mind at all and of course feel free to drop me a comment or a note any time! You can also follow me on Twitter or Tumblr.

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