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I have a confession. My photobucket account looks like it was uploaded to by a chimp who hasn't slept in 2 weeks and some time around day 5 decided LSD was a good strategy for mental clarity. Over the next day or so I will be fixing that. Some of my images may go missing for a few days while I get everything re-linked. Shouldn't take too long, but if say a week from now, you stumble across a pic that is still missing, that means I missed it and I would totally appreciate a "Hey, dumbass, you forgot this one" comment.
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1: Squee!
2. Launch game and finish that update already!

3. Next time I am removing a trojan pay attention and do not delete core windows files! ... I give it a month until I forget this one.
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You guys!!!! OMG! I am so excited (and it has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming cheesecake, that just makes it better!). I did it! I donno how, but OMG!

Here, I explained it to mathew already, I will share.

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Yeah, okay. I am just a little bit excited about this.

I really did put in the wrong versions of my recolours. The Villega family is back from their stint rooming with the Reaper and I can do a quick reinstall FROM BACK-UPS!

And this time, I know how to avoid the bug that caused the duplicate characters in the first place (double check your game versions on mods, really! Even if you are sure, check anyway!) :D

Yeah, I am done with the excited babble now, I am going to go bounce around the house for a few more minutes then get back to posing, cause I don't have to spend weeks doing a hood rebuild.


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Welcome and all the rest of that. Friend away. I don't mind at all and of course feel free to drop me a comment or a note any time! You can also follow me on Twitter or Tumblr.

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