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LiveJournal is being pissy about cross posting and Deamwidth still has issues with cuts if images are included, so, in future I will only be updating Pleasantries on LiveJournal. Not that I want to, I would do just about anything to avoid the LJ interface, but I started the story there, it only makes sense to finish it there as well.

If you aren't on LJ you can still comment (anon commenting is enabled). I will share update notifications at my tmblr and twitter as well.

Now to the fic recs. The child and I are doing a .. thing. We will go with calling it a thing for now. To help with this thing I am looking for fic recs, specifically fic recs which contain a passage that you don't think a person could cold read out-loud without laughing. Good fics, bad fics, original or fanfic doesn't matter.  Just so long as it has a passage, somewhere in the fic that would be difficult for someone who has never read it before to read out-loud (in front of a small audience) without laughing. The more absurd the passage the better. We would prefer non-explicit for the passage which is to be read aloud. The rest of it can be explicit, the child won't be reading anything you send me except for the difficult passage.

Thanks, and yes, I will share the thing when it is done. :S

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Genre: Drama, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, Crime
Word Count For Chapter: 12770
Rating: NC17 / M for story as a whole.

Advisories are in Part 1. I am a little rusty here so just assume they all apply.

Pleasantries - Chapter 6 - In the Line of Duty - Part 3 )
* * *

I want to apologize for those first couple scenes. I couldn't get them to read any less awkward. They weren't even supposed to be here until Caelan surprised me with asking Lilith out. I also had a little trouble finding the character voices. They are back now though. Chapter 7 coming up, hopefully without a 2.5 year gap this time!
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First, about my last post, thank you for the words of encouragement both here and elsewhere. I am doing okay (and I mean that this time). Spoke to my doctor and we came up with a plan. Apparently I already had a much better handle on the situation than it felt like I did. That was good to hear. The situation sucks but I am on the right track.

Now on to Pleasantries.

I know I said the lack of images was temporary, but right now I just can't bring myself to rebuild the hood, again. When I think about even starting it just ... ugh. So many houses to redo, so many sets and little details that need to be included that the whole process takes, literally, months. I just don't feel up to putting in the time right now. Maybe at some point I will, but not now.

On the other hand I want to finish the story. I have other stories I have been working on, but every time I go to work on them recently I feel guilty that I still have Pleasantries sitting there unfinished. This guilt is 100% my own and has nothing to do with anyone who may still be interested in reading the story. It is a nagging little voice in the back of my mind that says "You will fail anything you try to write because you never finish anything. You can't even finish Pleasantries and you have known that whole story for years now."

So I will be finishing Pleasantries, and I will be posting it. It will be text only for now and maybe for ever. I NEED to finish this story. For my own sake. If you want to read along that is wonderful, I hope I can entertain you on the way. If not, that is okay too. I just need to get it out to shut that annoying damn voice up once and for all.

That being said, I have been writing a lot the past few days and, personally, I think it is working out better now that I know I will not have the images there to tell half the story. I am more aware of conveying emotions in the text rather than relying on the sim's expressions to do it for me. I am far more acutely aware of setting the scene now that I know it can't be seen. Both of those seem to be leading me further into the characters minds and that is coming out on the page.

It has been an interesting phenomenon to witness and a small portion of me wants to go back to the beggining and start again just to watch the characters come to life in a way that the previous version didn't because I was relying on the images too much. I am (probably) not going to, at least not right now. We will see.

All of this to say the remainder of chapter 6 will be up in the next few days when Lilith and Caelen will go on something resembling a date, Anto will be dropped head first into his own little hell, Ripp gets brave and the bottom drops out of Winston's world. Oh and we will finally get some answers about those poor murdered alien girls.
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That is my confused icon, though I am not actually confused. I am not sure what I am. In that case, perhaps I am confused after all?

Read more... )
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At least as far as journal layouts are concerned at DW. Not 100% there yet, but closer!

As for actual me, I FINISHED RADIATION!!!!

Wednesday was my last treatment. I have pretty much been enjoying not having to make the daily drive since then. It's kind of cool. I have time again. Not entirely sure what to do with it. Still have 2 more rounds of chemo though :/ I am uncertain how I feel about this. My stomach hasn't actually settled down from the last one yet and the next is due to start this coming Wednesday.

I also find out if all of this worked on March 6th. Seems a long way away, even if it isn't really.

In nothing to do with cancer news: I still have not done anything with my game. I will get to it. I did write some of Pleasantries 6.3 this weekend.

I know! I thought it was dead too! Seems it isn't. Tybalt is clamouring in my head to get things going again and I seem to be able to do it justice so writing is happening. Good news, yes?

I also started with brushing the dust off over at [personal profile] pleasantries_sims . Thinking about updating there exclusively and just linking to it from other places. Donno yet. It is all light text on a dark background, which fits the story, sure, but is sometimes hard on the eyes. Maybe I will do both and leave reminder links for people who want to read it all dark and gloomy ... and red :P
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I am behind on the next update to Binky's Bend, which I knew would happen because I had another all day appointment with radioactive tracers (still no super powers). The next update is currently being typed up but ... I hit a snag.

There is a Pleasantries character about to come in to the challenge who has a history. A kind of important history which I didn't even think about when I included him in the list because I want to give him the chance to have what "could have been" but I forget that everyone else doesn't know what is going to happen sometimes and it is worse for the bits that I have had written for years now, but I haven't actually gotten the story to that point.

Sooooooo, taking a moment to introduce you all to Justin.

Some of you might have already sort of met him here, he is Winston's younger brother and the frontman for a fairly popular new band. Other than that everything you need to know you can find here. *WARNING* Slight spoilers contained in that link! Not as many as it would appear since that is the very, very rough draft, written well before I even thought of posting any of Pleasantries at all (and before I realized I was spelling Juliette's name wrong). A lot of the plot has changed since then, many things mentioned will be very different when we get to that point in the story. Some of the changes will already be obvious.


May. 27th, 2012 05:36 pm
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The first of several share-ables actually, but first the progress report!

Things are happening! )
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I have some good news and some ... yeah, I donno, it is news.

Short verision after the cut, details under here. )

To sum up what is a way longer post than I intended. The rebuild is going well even taking into account the few issues with corrupt back-ups. Things are going to look different, but shouldn't be drastically so, because I am being a lot more picky about what I download this time. I am curious if people want to see the make-overs as they happen. I will be including significantly less images when I do return to updates with the images and finally, I am probably going to seem to disappear again for a bit. I won't actually be disappearing, just not posting/commenting much because cuteness is on the way and will then need to be spoiled rotten.
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Genre: Drama, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, Crime
Word Count For Chapter: 4450 (and counting)
Rating: NC17 / M for story as a whole.

*note*: This is the second update with no images. See here for why (they will be back eventually!)

Advisories are in Part 1. Active this time around are language and descriptions of the aftermath of that implied violence (possibly a bit much if you have an active, visual imagination and are squeamish).

See, I knew I just had to get that first one out of the way and then this would go so much more smoothly, because now, without further rambling:

Pleasantries - Chapter 6 - In the line of Duty - Part 2 )

A couple quick notes: For anyone that missed the picture of Tybalt without his mask on here (go look, the pic clickies for full size and the detail is much more clear there), that is him in the icon for this entry so you can see what it was Caelan almost commented on. :P

And the chairs. I kind of had the image of something like these in mind. Though I am certain the chairs pictured are much more comfortable than the ones I had in mind, and defiantely far less ugly. Just a general visualization and absolutely no slight is intended to to designer of the chairs pictured or meant to imply her product is not of the highest quality. Simply using them as a visual aide. The above image is courtesy of Today in Style. (Is my ass covered enough here yet?)
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Genre: Drama, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, Crime
Word Count: 1200 (and counting)
Rating: NC17 / M for story as a whole.

Advisories:  Course Language, Course Language (it needs repeating), Misbehaving Minors, Really Misbehaving Adults, Death, Nudity (if I get my game running again before the chapter ends), Implied Violence, Annoying Little Shits, Male bonding (not that kind! Okay, some of that kind too), Prostitution (no, not implied this time), and Winston gets his dork on.

*notes*: There are no images in this update. More details can be found here.

Yes, I know it is short. Had to "get it out there" so it stops being so ... painful and this was this was the portion I had which I was okay with. New characters coming in, one set of them sooner than I was expecting. Lack of images though has it making more sense to bring them in now. Those you have not met before are present in the cover image (go obsessive snapping of useless pics!).

Now, before I change my mind again and decide I really can't do this ....

Pleasantries - Chapter 6 - In the line of Duty - Part 1 )
On to Part 2
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No, I still do not have an update ready to go mostly because I am basically a chickenshit. No, really. I listen to the nagging voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me what I have sucks and won't make any sense because I "can't do this without the pictures there to tell half the story" and get really, really depressed about writing in general.

Which is just stupid. I know this and eventually I will get really, really pissed off instead and tell the voice to sit the hell down, shut up and leave me alone. That stage doesn't usually take long to get to. I just have to get to it. Everything that comes before I get there? Yeah, that is why I will never write for anything other than fun (I am having fun, I swear!) because if I had to go through this with the added pressure of deadlines and editors and all that other stuff? Just ugh, no. My personal standards are enough thanks.

So, what have I been doing instead of writing? Well ...

Cartography and why you will never get -and don't want- a complete history of Pleasantries )
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First, before I do anything else. I loaded a really, really old back-up of my hood (and downloads folder) yesterday, and I was all excited for a few minutes because it seemed to be working with no problems and that would save me 3/4 of forever on rebuilding this thing. Then I saved and exited the Villega house and they all promptly moved in with the Reaper and became "dead" NPCs :(

More this way )
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This random little side trip was supposed to be posted in December of 2010 as a follow up to the events of Chapter 3, Part 6. Then this happened. The man in the video is my uncle and I just couldn't bring myself to shoot the pics for this anymore. Here it is now, slightly elaborated on to account for the lack of images.

Next of Kin )
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No, I do not have my game fixed yet. It is getting a complete rebuild including all downloads as I find time and eventually I will have the hood up and running again.

In the meantime, after talking through the pros and cons with [ profile] amochan8878 I will be continuing on without the pics. There are several reasons for that, the first being I miss my boys! Like all sad face, actually almost started crying when I heard a song on my MP3 player yesterday MISS my boys. And Lil. Plus there is a whole lot more story to come (20ish more chapters of story) and, honestly, the images get downright exhausting sometimes.

I'm also kind of curious to see if I can do it. I consider my biggest story-telling weakness to be scene setting. I relied really heavily on the images to do the work there. I am curious to see if I can manage without them.

The images will be returning once I get things back up and running, but I want to carry on with the story anyway and will totally understand if that doesn't work for some readers. I respect that, just like I am sure you will respect my decision to carry on anyway. For anyone who doesn't stick around, thank you for reading thus far. I have really enjoyed your feedback.

That said, there will still be the occasional image I can share because I already have them, just not in the story itself until the hood is back to functioning.

Images like this one.
Beneath the mask .... )

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More with the catching up.

Everyone knows how this works yes? Also, I will happily do more of these should anyone request them. Still to come: Tybalt, Caelan, Rick, Dirk and Caliban ... I think that is all I currently have on the list (nudge me if you know of anyone I missed)

Tagged ages ago on Formspring and have actually had this complete for ages, I just never remember to post them. That said, lets get to it shall we?


10 Facts About Telesto )
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You know that point where you are so far behind you think you are ahead again? I am so there (I need to go back to my to-do lists! Alright so I never actually finished them ever but at least they reminded me of things that people were waiting for).

With the intent of getting caught up (and not writing that random that is trying to take over my brain ... it has sat there for 10 or so years, it can stay put a bit longer) Formspring #4 with all the questions from July - September (I still have more to answer as well, but this was getting to be a long list for 1 post). As usual, anything in italics is things that occurred to me while I was posting here and are not on the original formspring question.

SPOILER WARNING! - More like hints actually, but if you don't even want that skip Answer 11 from ***Spoiler Potential!*** to ***End Spoiler!***.

Lets see if the cut actually works this time. )


Weee! That is one task off the list.

On a personal note, MY ELBOW IS GETTING BETTER! Not with any great sort of speed, but it moves again and the swelling is way down. Which means the next update is in the works. YAY! It might be interspersed with a mostly text story that is floating around my head as well ... no, I can't focus on one thing at a time ... I've tried, It doesn't work.

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Until I get my computer situation sorted, which is looking to be round about ... when it is done. :/

I believe (along with general OS corruption, thank you very much various assorted users of my network who keep leaving me fun presents of the infectious, destructive type. This is not the way to convince me let my computer be the assorted media server on the network to save your HD space.) I will need a new CPU as well. It just isn't "acting right".  Which again I saw coming, in the form of an upgrade if nothing else (I don't remember for sure how old my computer is but I know it is first generation dual core and has just had assorted parts replaced around it ... that needs upgrading on principle)

So pretty much I am at the stage where I can still use things like Photoshop and Word, but when I try to load say games, that doesn't go so well with the "missing .dll" and "can not locate .exe" (or the unistall so I can reinstall them! Manual removal results in "Okay, I can't delete the registry key if it is not damn well here to begin with!") notices and the whole 45 minutes to load The Sims  (WTF? Like 2 months ago it was taking 15 and I have NOT increased the amount of CC, I have actually reduced it) and then have it crash after 5-10 minutes is just frustrating, aggravating and as much as I want to just push through it and get the next chapter finished it is taking the fun out of it!

Not gone, just no sims for a bit.


Dec. 11th, 2011 02:46 am
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You know this is going nowhere good. )


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