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That is my confused icon, though I am not actually confused. I am not sure what I am. In that case, perhaps I am confused after all?

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Well, round one anyway. Still 3 more rounds to go. My bestest stabby friend is gone for a few weeks though. This is a huge plus for me. A huge minus for today is the lack of sleep from yesterday. I did go pick up the other pills though (well, Mom did. Thank you mommy!) ... and a borrowed blood pressure monitor because I have a family history (3 of 4 in my immediate family who have taken it so far) who have the side effect of dangerously low blood pressure from taking these pills. The funny is it is just dimenhydrinate (brand name Gravol) which is not even prescription and ridiculously common.

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I have decided, since I only plan to do this once, I am going to document as much of it as I can. It will be an adventure!

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Which is totally not relevant to anything. Then again this post is not actually relevant to anything either. It is here because I have nothing else to do. Okay, that is not entirely true, I could be cleaning up that random sketch of my child sneaking off with a goat (because I doodle weird things) and working out if I actually plan to go anywhere with it. I am not sure I do though. I think it was only ever meant to be exactly what it is; a quick, rough sketch.

Oh! Coolest thing. Finally, after using a tiny toaster/convection oven (this tiny toaster convection oven actually) for approximately ever, we got our new gas range installed today. 6.2 cubic feet is HUGE when you are excited that you can fit a 9x13 pan in the oven again! I could fit 3 more in with it too! This made me far more excited than it probably should have, but seriously! 9x13 pan! The other thing we had been using barely fit an 8x8! Of course this also means the kitchen remodel (which I don't think I mentioned before) is nearly complete. Counter space is going to be wonderful!

I have written exactly nothing since my last post. I kind of feel bad about that, but only because I am going a little stir crazy. Not in the headspace to write though, so probably a good thing I haven't been trying. I can feel a story stirring however, still back in the hazy dark portion of my mind waiting for me to be in a better mind frame to break out into. I don't know what it will be about, it is still way too fuzzy to tell, but it is in there, lurking.

On the medical front, still no news. I am starting to think this might be a good sign. Maybe? One would hope if things were urgent they would have been a bit quicker on getting back to me. Maybe something new and less worrisome emerged? Would be nice to hear it though. My shoulder is no better and has been joined by my opposite wrist. Stupid nerve damage. :( It may have started improving by now if I would stop using it. I dislike sitting like a lump and not moving though. If I have done irreparable damage to the nerves, so be it. Life is too short to spend months waiting for something that may or may not "get better". I can work through the ow most of the time so that is what I do.

And that is about it. Still breathing, still lurking and nothing really new to report. *nod* Here is a goat thief for those who are curious to see it.

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One Rat-brat and Diablo. Yes, the child does have her mother's hair. :P
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First I have a confession.

I totally did not get the concept of why anyone, ever, would want to watch someone else play sims. This seriously confused the hell out of me. I could not have thought of anything more pointless, boring or such a complete waste of time if you had paid me to do it.

But (you knew there was a but in here) because I really do try to not outright judge things I have never experienced first hand (yes, I fail at that sometimes. I admit it. I am human and sometimes, OMGASP! wrong.) when I saw [ profile] holleyb76's announcement of an upcoming (actually in progress) livestream I thought "What the hell, at least then I will know", and off I went to see what was going on.

I learned two things, The first, I have gotten way more reclusive than I thought I had. No, seriously, I know it doesn't seem like it, but I have. Watching the chat scrolling by on the side I actually had a moment of terror when I thought about joining in. Cold, sweaty palms and everything. This is a bad thing. Sure, I seem fine here, I know here, this is familiar. Kind of like I know for absolute certain I could go stand in front of a room full of strangers and give a presentation. Depending on the topic I could even do it cold with minimal to no prep. Yet when faced with having to directly interact with those same people ... just thinking about it is making breathing difficult.

If anyone else who was there tonight noticed I was really quiet, now you know why. Bear with me in future okay?

The second, and far more relevant to the topic at hand here, it was actually interesting. I can't say it was fun, probably in large part due to the issues mentioned in my first point, but it was interesting. I was surprised and I think I will be stopping by to watch another livestream next time one pops up on my f-list and I can make it.

So, after that eye opener and still a little shaken I did something really stupid. Dumb. Completely disregarding any semblance of intelligence I like to think I have. I went to read this weeks simsecrets ...
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It is 1:58 am and I am awake .. and listening to Meatloaf ....

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First, before I do anything else. I loaded a really, really old back-up of my hood (and downloads folder) yesterday, and I was all excited for a few minutes because it seemed to be working with no problems and that would save me 3/4 of forever on rebuilding this thing. Then I saved and exited the Villega house and they all promptly moved in with the Reaper and became "dead" NPCs :(

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This is typing though, but still. I have been told I am becoming reclusive so here I am, to talk, to people who are not doctors (at least not my doctors) or don't live in the same house with me.

Only problem is, I have no idea what to talk about. Kind of a downside to not really doing much, not much to talk about.

Lets see, there was the "cake adventure" for the Rat-Brat's birthday where this

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To sum up: Oven packed it in right when it was needed most, my daughters' cat died early Christmas morning, Insensitive family members have been a pain (re the cat, apparently grieving "spoils the holiday"), my computer has decided to revolt yet again by "loosing" some rather important windows files and functions (and the laptop has not had the very toast HD fixed yet ... I might just get a new laptop) requiring a reformat which is turning into an OS upgrade because at this point I might as well, and a bunch of other stuff I won't bore you with, BUT

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There is this thing where the "what if's" go around and around in my head, usually as not much more than a dull roar in the background. What if this character had said this instead of that? What if over here this happened? And off they go playing out in detail somewhere on the edge of my consciousness. Every so often one of them will come to the forefront of my thoughts and I will scribble them down for further thinking about later. Sometimes though; this happens:

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Absolutely the coolest thing in like forever! For me at least, you guys probably won't care, but I am super excited and need to talk about it.

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Or more specifically, I got grounded.

I am NOT allowed to go outside today, in the rain, and get drenched and cold again, no matter how much needs to be done, because I have had this cold for over two weeks now and apparently people are tired of listening to me trying to hack up a lung all the time, especially at night when they are trying to sleep and I should be trying to sleep, but can't because of the hacking of lungs.

So I slept in and then I puttered around and now ... I am trying to find something to do :/ I think I have forgotten how to sit still. This kind of really sucks.
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RAIN! Lots and lots of rain making lots and lots of mud *grumble* but!

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K, first things first. After forever, I reread 5.6 and you know that whole "OMG I need to rewrite this, it is awful and ooc and ..." ? Yeah. It is none of those. Maybe a little OOC (in the sense that it might seem to be coming out of left field via the Horse Head Nebula) but it so isn't and that means ... *cue dramatic music* I only have a few more images to go and you get an update! AND it is looking like I will actually get time to do it! ...

*listens to collective "It's about fricken time" ... nods in agreement*

In other not sims news ... HEHEHEHE~ you will not believe what I built. I am not going to tell you even. I will show you instead in a 'Much Cuteness Picspam' that I will take the images for tomorrow once the glowwy thing is back in the blue thing and all of it will probably look grey anyway because it is RAINING!

Oh and that issue my munchkin was having the other day? Yeah, the order of the day is apparently "back pedal, back pedal, deny, deny, 'it's stress!' I will just pay a month worth of that monthly bill I am court ordered to pay and haven't bothered to in the past three (and a half) years."

One of these days I might get around to answering that email. I doubt it. I am not answering the phone either since I am pretty sure the combinations of words that will leave my mouth if I do are illegal in several countries ...

It's been a fun few days!
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K, so first things first. My brothers are doing okay. It remains to be seen if either of them have learned anything and will change what they need to change but the wake-up call was delivered and received at least for the rest of us. Mathew's uncle is also well, all things considered.

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See, not all bad, just need to put things in perspective.
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Comment notifications. I LIKE them, I want them. I do not like missing them and I would kind of really appreciate it if you could deliver them ... like you are supposed to.

Course I can't totally blame LJ for missing stuff, I have been missing twitter messages all day :/

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So you get to deal with the "Put Kate in a MUCH better mood" u-pic. *nod* You're suffering, I'm sure.

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It has come to my attention there are several countries in the world where chocolate is totally a breakfast food.

The Philippines, Belgium (here, I am told, it is not uncommon for bread or toast to be served with a bar of chocolate. A BAR, Mom, bar of chocolate), Netherlands (chocolate sprinkles, chocolate flakes and chocolate spread), France (chocolate AND coffee!), Croatia, Spain ... Spain needs some extra attention here for a moment: chocolate con churros! Chocolate con churros, Mom! Additionally, Cola Cao (a high energy chocolate drink with vitamins and minerals) is also a popular breakfast beverage. In Greece and Brazil I found it is 100% acceptable for children to drink chocolate milk ... for breakfast!

After having this information come to my attention, Mother, I am forced to conclude that for the entirety of my childhood - you. were. wrong!

Now I know what you are going to say: "Chocolate is not breakfast!" I know you are going to say it because I have heard you say it many, many times as I am sure your mother also said it. I am proposing Grandma was wrong too, as was I every time I have told my own daughter "chocolate is not breakfast!"

I further propose that we must immediately rectify what is apparently an error spanning generations.

The plan:

In the interest of international fellowship and understanding it is imperative we immediately start eating chocolate, in as many of it's glorious forms as we can find, for breakfast. Every day. Starting tomorrow.

I know I personally have 34 years of this horrible misunderstanding to make amends for and you have nearly twice that many. This is going to require a lot of chocolate. In that regard I would like to amend this proposal with the stipulation that we not tell the child. She has only 10 years of error to rectify thus far and can afford to discover the error of her ways on her own. (Also, you know how she can inhale chocolate).

As I know you are an intelligent woman who fully believes in fellowship and international understanding, I am counting on your support and participation in this endeavor. It isn't too late, Mom, we can fix this
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I was going to write this all out in entirely song lyric quotes because it is Lyric Sunday. (It has been pointed out to Mathew and I that a large portion of our conversations are either song lyrics or quotes from movies/TV/games leaving everyone else kind of baffled what were are talking about ... and when they aren't one of the above they trigger one of the above and next thing you know I am singing bad 80's pop ... yeah. Today we will speaking to each other EXCLUSIVELY in lyrics and quotes just to see if it is possible to do it.) Fortunately for you guys I couldn't think of an appropriate title which kind of ruins the whole thing. So you get English. More or less.

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And it is a bit scary ...

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[ profile] debbycus ! Proofing stuff coming your way tomorrow! Soon as I get about 14 hours sleep :D


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