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"I can't reach my glass it is on the stove and I am in a hamper"
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It is a war, I swear, but before I go into that particular rant:

The Holiday Love Meme is back at allthingsimlish!

No, I have not put my name down yet, I am not sure I am going to. It is just really awesome to go through and read the nice things everyone has to say about the members of the sims community. Plus, I find a bunch of new simmers that way as well.

Now to the glasses issue.

I have needed glasses for a while mostly for reading, painting, wirework ... seeing anything closer than 3 feet in front of my face. It wasn't too bad and simple magnifying readers worked fine for me. Then, for like the last year I was starting to notice my arm just was not long enough anymore to read labels or newspapers ... or see which cat it was I was holding ... so I went to the optometrist a few weeks ago and got my first shiny prescription lenses. They are driving me crazy!

Let me backtrack a bit here.

You know how people look at your computer over your shoulder when you are showing them something? You know how they point and touch the screen? Yeah, not my screen they don't. Touching my screen gets your fingers slapped. Then you get handed a cleaning cloth and cleaner and told to fix it and if you ever touch my screen again I will remove the offending finger because if there is a fingerprint on my monitor I will not be able to see anything BUT that print. It creates a blurry little fuzzy spot and my eyes are forever trying to make it come into focus and not blurry and then it hurts my head and just no! No fingerprints on my monitor.

So, imagine what happens when those same fuzzy little blurry spots are on the glasses that are supposed to be helping me see. And they are usually my own finger prints! I don't notice touching them, in fact I would guarantee that I have not touched the lenses, but the prints end up there just the same. Worse still, I can not believe the amount of just crap that will collect on lenses. Seriously? Where do all these specks and flecks and general film come from? And OMG, eyelash smudges are the hardest thing to see through. *sob*

My child wanders around with glasses so smudged you can barely make out her eyes behind them. Everyone else doesn't seem to mind the occasional smudge or fleck. They all tell me you get used to it and you only really notice when you really clean them and things look clear again. So now I am thinking I am just a freak.

I think I spend more time cleaning my glasses and getting laughed at for it than I do actually looking through them. I can't be the only one who does this. Someone tell me I am not the only one who does this.

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Did not get swept away by a tsunami, though I appreciate the concern. We are on the inside of the island though so usually we are pretty much okay.

Drunken rambling and pics! )
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It is looking like Monday October 22 at 3:30pm pacific (6:30pm Eastern) will work for those who have agreed to help test so far. This may change but I will be sure to give everyone warning if it does.

Still looking for more, more is better. So if you are available even for a few minutes around that time and want to try something that might help get your muse moving or spark new ideas, feel free to stop in.

Here is the link, feel free to stop by and have a look, doodle a bit, just get an idea of what might be going on. It will probably say I am there, chances are I won't be though! Just a name.

Speaking of names, if you do join, feel free to use a name you are not usually known by, in fact I recommend it, especially if you might be uncomfortable sharing your silly side with others.

Thanks again guys.


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