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Did not get swept away by a tsunami, though I appreciate the concern. We are on the inside of the island though so usually we are pretty much okay.

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Which is totally not relevant to anything. Then again this post is not actually relevant to anything either. It is here because I have nothing else to do. Okay, that is not entirely true, I could be cleaning up that random sketch of my child sneaking off with a goat (because I doodle weird things) and working out if I actually plan to go anywhere with it. I am not sure I do though. I think it was only ever meant to be exactly what it is; a quick, rough sketch.

Oh! Coolest thing. Finally, after using a tiny toaster/convection oven (this tiny toaster convection oven actually) for approximately ever, we got our new gas range installed today. 6.2 cubic feet is HUGE when you are excited that you can fit a 9x13 pan in the oven again! I could fit 3 more in with it too! This made me far more excited than it probably should have, but seriously! 9x13 pan! The other thing we had been using barely fit an 8x8! Of course this also means the kitchen remodel (which I don't think I mentioned before) is nearly complete. Counter space is going to be wonderful!

I have written exactly nothing since my last post. I kind of feel bad about that, but only because I am going a little stir crazy. Not in the headspace to write though, so probably a good thing I haven't been trying. I can feel a story stirring however, still back in the hazy dark portion of my mind waiting for me to be in a better mind frame to break out into. I don't know what it will be about, it is still way too fuzzy to tell, but it is in there, lurking.

On the medical front, still no news. I am starting to think this might be a good sign. Maybe? One would hope if things were urgent they would have been a bit quicker on getting back to me. Maybe something new and less worrisome emerged? Would be nice to hear it though. My shoulder is no better and has been joined by my opposite wrist. Stupid nerve damage. :( It may have started improving by now if I would stop using it. I dislike sitting like a lump and not moving though. If I have done irreparable damage to the nerves, so be it. Life is too short to spend months waiting for something that may or may not "get better". I can work through the ow most of the time so that is what I do.

And that is about it. Still breathing, still lurking and nothing really new to report. *nod* Here is a goat thief for those who are curious to see it.

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One Rat-brat and Diablo. Yes, the child does have her mother's hair. :P
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Told you they would be posted.

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Of course I don't want to think of how long it took me to get them to work. I will just chalk it up to "learning" and go with: For the first time EVER, a building looks EXACTLY like I wanted it to.

Plus, I learned a ton about foundation walls while I was at it.
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So, in my weekly checking of my email (I really haven't been around much! Sorry!) I noticed [ profile] bolob had a few issues (*maniacal giggle*) with a couple of sims ...

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It clickies for full size, not that full size will give you any more of an idea what the hell I am doing. (Hush Amo! No telling!)
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I did. Did you believe me?

I told Mathew to stop me. He didn't.

It has come to my attention I am going to need formal dress uniforms for my police officers ... I haven't made them yet, but I did do this.

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Why did he not stop me?
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To get it back, he said I had to share this. :(

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Okay, yes ... it takes way too long for my game to load sometimes.
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brb ... Getting my fingers dirty.
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I've got the default face replacements from [ profile] remisims  which are pretty and eyes from [ profile] jesstheex that are all shiny. I have been tweaking other things here and there, cleaning up funky shadows and bad blends on skins, fixing weird seams on clothing, that sort of thing. My game is looking all pretty and shiny!

Except Tel's eyes. :(

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Exists for not other reason than because things got way too serious around here.
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You see this and:
Deep in the dungeon beneath Castle Terror ... )



I will get back to the actual story now and stop being distracted by random stupidity that strikes me when I find funky camera angles. I don't have a d5 handy to find out which door he stashed it behind anyway :(


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