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triscuitThat is all.
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This is typing though, but still. I have been told I am becoming reclusive so here I am, to talk, to people who are not doctors (at least not my doctors) or don't live in the same house with me.

Only problem is, I have no idea what to talk about. Kind of a downside to not really doing much, not much to talk about.

Lets see, there was the "cake adventure" for the Rat-Brat's birthday where this

cut to spare you the horror of modeling chocolate abuse )
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l am not sure if my mother and Mathew were getting visions of the future when they decided I needed a tablet, but I am so very glad they did.  I wouldn't be making this post without it and l am a little surprised it can recognize my chicken scratch but it can! and l am posting!

Excuse me? You wanna do what now? )

I need to get lost for a while longer. I'll be back though, as soon as I can think without my brain screaming "AMPUTATION!". Right now, there is a kinky Antivan Crow who is putting the moves on a cute little Dalish Rouge.  That is a way better topic to be thinking about.
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Absolutely the coolest thing in like forever! For me at least, you guys probably won't care, but I am super excited and need to talk about it.

Hiding, it sucks. )


Dec. 11th, 2011 02:46 am
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* * *
You know this is going nowhere good. )

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Comment notifications. I LIKE them, I want them. I do not like missing them and I would kind of really appreciate it if you could deliver them ... like you are supposed to.

Course I can't totally blame LJ for missing stuff, I have been missing twitter messages all day :/

It's mostly babble under here )
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OMG! Nostalgia! Okay, so it has literally been years but one of my very first "serious" fandoms? Totally Harry Potter. I ship Harry/Draco like purple is the colour of awesome!

Anyway. talking to Amo about a crack!song fic that needs making this reminded me of my very favouritest crack!song fics in ever! That if I ever shared here it was years ago. I am sharing them again.

Both by by Aurora Enkeli Medeis
... Baby One More Time (when you get about 4 paragraphs in, tell me you wouldn't do just about anything to see that!)

Dirrty - Sequel to Baby One More Time

Slash, raunchy, etc etc, really you have to know the kinds of things I link to by now, though these are more tame than most!

Go forth and enjoy the deliciously wrong!


Jul. 21st, 2011 01:20 pm
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My mommy loves me! Seriously. She came back from getting her computer repaired today and handed me a laptop with the words "It's not new, I don't think it will play the game, but it is better than the one you had, has wireless and isn't dead. Go type in peace."

HEHEHE! *pets the pretty not stuck at my desk anymore and can take the shiny interwbs with me this time* Oh gods ... I can take the shiny interwebs with me this time. *eep* I am going to need to learn discipline. *eyeroll* Thanks Mom! /sarcasim.

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I can't decide if I am intrigued or slightly apprehensive.

Aether Dancer

Spam Pics

Jul. 18th, 2011 07:21 am
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I like spam! This kind of spam anyway, the other, comes in a can kind? DO NOT LIKE. Which is totally off topic, but I am procrastinating ... seriously. Procrastinating to post my own picspam. How sad is that?

There are reasons!

This isn't one of them.

Cuteness, Sadness, Adorkable and Wrong with a captial WTF! )
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I did. Did you believe me?

I told Mathew to stop me. He didn't.

It has come to my attention I am going to need formal dress uniforms for my police officers ... I haven't made them yet, but I did do this.

Don't look, it is bad )

Why did he not stop me?
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Back-ups are made, (x2) everything that needs to be done has been and now just waiting on Mathew to get over his massive case of allergy induced sniffles to replace my motherboard. It seriously needs to rain or something. There will be no drippy noses in my computer.

I wrote a bit today (backed it up of course) there may or may not have been implied Pleasantries smut ... and possibly some mild not implied smut >.> ... <.< ... I am not going to start with the images though because that would not make sense so close to reformatting, so just writing,  aaaaaand now I'm bored.

How bored?

... )

It is possible I have played this before ... It is also possible I completely used the "Advancing line of Photon Cannons Strategy". It's a real strategy, I swear and is not at all equivalent to "Mobile turtling"
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It has come to my attention there are several countries in the world where chocolate is totally a breakfast food.

The Philippines, Belgium (here, I am told, it is not uncommon for bread or toast to be served with a bar of chocolate. A BAR, Mom, bar of chocolate), Netherlands (chocolate sprinkles, chocolate flakes and chocolate spread), France (chocolate AND coffee!), Croatia, Spain ... Spain needs some extra attention here for a moment: chocolate con churros! Chocolate con churros, Mom! Additionally, Cola Cao (a high energy chocolate drink with vitamins and minerals) is also a popular breakfast beverage. In Greece and Brazil I found it is 100% acceptable for children to drink chocolate milk ... for breakfast!

After having this information come to my attention, Mother, I am forced to conclude that for the entirety of my childhood - you. were. wrong!

Now I know what you are going to say: "Chocolate is not breakfast!" I know you are going to say it because I have heard you say it many, many times as I am sure your mother also said it. I am proposing Grandma was wrong too, as was I every time I have told my own daughter "chocolate is not breakfast!"

I further propose that we must immediately rectify what is apparently an error spanning generations.

The plan:

In the interest of international fellowship and understanding it is imperative we immediately start eating chocolate, in as many of it's glorious forms as we can find, for breakfast. Every day. Starting tomorrow.

I know I personally have 34 years of this horrible misunderstanding to make amends for and you have nearly twice that many. This is going to require a lot of chocolate. In that regard I would like to amend this proposal with the stipulation that we not tell the child. She has only 10 years of error to rectify thus far and can afford to discover the error of her ways on her own. (Also, you know how she can inhale chocolate).

As I know you are an intelligent woman who fully believes in fellowship and international understanding, I am counting on your support and participation in this endeavor. It isn't too late, Mom, we can fix this
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To get it back, he said I had to share this. :(

What I do while my game loads )
Okay, yes ... it takes way too long for my game to load sometimes.
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Don't forget them this time!
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And it is a bit scary ...

Really, what was I doing? )

[ profile] debbycus ! Proofing stuff coming your way tomorrow! Soon as I get about 14 hours sleep :D


Apr. 13th, 2011 11:13 am
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Pic spam )

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... )

brb ... Getting my fingers dirty.


Apr. 9th, 2011 01:12 am
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Is my new favourite number.

And it is about #&%$ing time!

Okay so there are maybe like 2 people who really got that ... but it's good!



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