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I went to check my paypal balance this morning, for shits and giggles (mathew is saving up for a new game system) and lucky me I have been "randomly selected" for upgrading my account security! First step - change my password.

Now my old password looked something like (these are NOT the actual passwords, I am not that stupid) r749931G and that was good enough for paypal so I tried 47856Drm ... not "secure" enough. Okay, the "guidelines" on the side of the screen say try a mix of numbers, letters, capitalization and symbols.  .... tf#67893Hgo ... nope. G3hm!*6741g? Nope. Fast forward 10 damn minutes (Yes, a solid TEN minutes of attempting to come up with something they would damn well accept) when, with what I am told is an epic rage face and far more abuse than any keyboard should ever be subjected to, I finally type in "fuckyouPayPal9".

That is totally, according to paypal, a secure enough password.

Of course I then had to spend a further 5 minutes coming up with something else they would accept, because there was no way in hell I was not sharing this. Many, MANY random combinations of letters, numbers, capitals and symbols are not secure enough, but "FuckyouPayPal" is.

Oh, and after I updated my security questions from their "List" anyone who knows me even a little bit (or has spent any time reading this journal) can answer them. Plus, for added bonus, they thanked me for going through the phone verification process, entering their stupid phone PIN and conifrming I own "my" credit card .... the card in question? My mother's.

I feel oh, so much more secure about my paypal experience now.
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It is a war, I swear, but before I go into that particular rant:

The Holiday Love Meme is back at allthingsimlish!

No, I have not put my name down yet, I am not sure I am going to. It is just really awesome to go through and read the nice things everyone has to say about the members of the sims community. Plus, I find a bunch of new simmers that way as well.

Now to the glasses issue.

I have needed glasses for a while mostly for reading, painting, wirework ... seeing anything closer than 3 feet in front of my face. It wasn't too bad and simple magnifying readers worked fine for me. Then, for like the last year I was starting to notice my arm just was not long enough anymore to read labels or newspapers ... or see which cat it was I was holding ... so I went to the optometrist a few weeks ago and got my first shiny prescription lenses. They are driving me crazy!

Let me backtrack a bit here.

You know how people look at your computer over your shoulder when you are showing them something? You know how they point and touch the screen? Yeah, not my screen they don't. Touching my screen gets your fingers slapped. Then you get handed a cleaning cloth and cleaner and told to fix it and if you ever touch my screen again I will remove the offending finger because if there is a fingerprint on my monitor I will not be able to see anything BUT that print. It creates a blurry little fuzzy spot and my eyes are forever trying to make it come into focus and not blurry and then it hurts my head and just no! No fingerprints on my monitor.

So, imagine what happens when those same fuzzy little blurry spots are on the glasses that are supposed to be helping me see. And they are usually my own finger prints! I don't notice touching them, in fact I would guarantee that I have not touched the lenses, but the prints end up there just the same. Worse still, I can not believe the amount of just crap that will collect on lenses. Seriously? Where do all these specks and flecks and general film come from? And OMG, eyelash smudges are the hardest thing to see through. *sob*

My child wanders around with glasses so smudged you can barely make out her eyes behind them. Everyone else doesn't seem to mind the occasional smudge or fleck. They all tell me you get used to it and you only really notice when you really clean them and things look clear again. So now I am thinking I am just a freak.

I think I spend more time cleaning my glasses and getting laughed at for it than I do actually looking through them. I can't be the only one who does this. Someone tell me I am not the only one who does this.

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I like kittens, I swear I do, really. To the point that when I pick one up it immediately gets kisses and hugs and usually sung to ... but honestly, they are driving me crazy!!!!!!!


We acquired, by way of they kind of just walked in one day, two cats who had been abandoned. This is not at all new for us abandoned cats have a way of just showing up, usually accompanied by one of the cats that lives here. If we can find their people great, usually though if they have a tattoo or some other form of identification the "owners" are contacted and vehemently deny they ever had a cat or claim their cat died. I really, REALLY dislike people sometimes.

Anyway, so these two very pretty girls (no ID, mostly skin and bones from hunger) moved in, got fed and cuddled and cleaned up and all was good. Except, they were both pregnant.

Fast forward to now. The kittens, all 7 of them, are 6 weeks old. I have been trying, all day, to write. I have managed a whole (Count em!) 6 sentences. The rest of the day has been spent chasing kittens around trying to get them to use a litter box (which, in their defense they are getting better at), cleaning up spilled litter boxes because with this many kittens one is not enough and my dog is a klutz, refereeing the food dishes (none of our other cats need kitten food, they are pudgy enough as it is), extracting claws from my leg, retrieving my mouse from the little paws that keep reaching up behind my keyboard and grabbing it (One of them did this randomly a few days ago, now they ALL do it), rescuing the dog from being pounced, rescuing the kittens from being licked to the point of soggy by the dog, extracting kittens from dangling off the sides of the bird cage,  removing kittens from my keyboard, removing kittens from my desk and cleaning up the coffee they were splashing in, making new coffee - sans kitten splashing, untangling kittens from my hair because it is fun to pounce attack my hair from the top of my monitor,  and saving my cell phone from claws on the screen because "ZOMG! There is a kitten in there that looks just like me! ATTACK!" .. this is bad for the touch screen by the way.

All of this is made even more interesting as I end up doing it with one hand. The other hand is occupied holding onto the one kitten who came down with sniffles the other day (His mother is stupid and took him outside in the rain, which is when we learned she knows how to open the window). His sniffles are better now, he is for all intents and purposes completely healthy, but he lost a bit of weight by not eating much for a day and hasn't fully regained his strength. In the meantime his favourite spot is in the crook of my left arm alternately sleeping and playing with my hair. I try to put him down, give him to his mother, someone else, etc. Nope. as soon as I get back to my desk a tiny little paw taps my shoulder and then I have an orange fluffy ball of purring kitten walking across my shoulders to get to "his spot". If I don't hold onto him, he does the holding on instead and then I have to remove the claws from my skin.

They really, really are driving me crazy.

And, yes, I know I am going to miss the little shits when they go to their new homes, I just needed to vent .. and apparently the practice backspacing, because I have had "help" typing out this entry. :/
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I keep running into people who notice I use Firefox and they get this weird look and go “Why would you still use that? Get Chrome.”

Um. No.

Yes, I am this picky about details )
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l am not sure if my mother and Mathew were getting visions of the future when they decided I needed a tablet, but I am so very glad they did.  I wouldn't be making this post without it and l am a little surprised it can recognize my chicken scratch but it can! and l am posting!

Excuse me? You wanna do what now? )

I need to get lost for a while longer. I'll be back though, as soon as I can think without my brain screaming "AMPUTATION!". Right now, there is a kinky Antivan Crow who is putting the moves on a cute little Dalish Rouge.  That is a way better topic to be thinking about.
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Actually you won't because this one was cut


and there are 94 images in this update? 95? Something like that.

Right, inappropriate expressions that I really wish had been appropriate:

Teaser-ish pic and a rant. )


Jun. 20th, 2011 09:14 pm
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I hate them.

That is all.
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K, so I think I have mentioned before that most of Chapter 4 was written in February. Last February. Like almost a year ago. At the time it was being called Chapter 5 (actually it was being called "the plot bunny that insisted on being written but didn't really fit in anywhere that later became Chapter 5 when I had a story to put it in", but that is a tale for another day!)

A funny thing has happened in that year. Characterization.

Adventures in u-pic repurposing )

Sound good to everyone else?


Cause that is what is happening.
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I made a post a few days ago about something that really irked me. I will not go into details of the post again. It was not a public post. This one is. Essentially that post asked the question: "Why is it okay to ask an authority figure if they are gay when most people would agree asking the same question of a straight person is rude and disrespectful?"

Graphic Rant. Yes, I am a Bitch. Thank you for noticing. )


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