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I told my child this morning she was making dinner. She is perfectly capable of making dinner, has been cooking since she was about 3 and there are days when I am just completely uninspired as to what to cook. So she heads off to the internet to look for ideas. A few minutes later I was sent this accompanied by much complaining about the image vs the description.

I replied with:

She responeded with:

I am so proud of her right now!

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I am still a little annoyed with myself for loosing those pics, so I am taking a few minutes to talk about something that is not at all sims related.

Baby pics )
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I mean, okay, intellectually, I knew they did, or at least that it would be safe to assume they did. They are birds and other birds like them eat worms. I have just never seen a crow eat anything that wasn't stolen from the irate guy now waving half a sandwich, taken from a trashcan or required it be dropped from 50+ feet several times over to break open. So seeing a crow, standing next to a trashcan, across the sidewalk from a guy still eating his intact sandwich, calmly plucking a worm from the grass ... has kind of really screwed with my head!

Day 8. Oh how I hate day 8. Nothing to do with the crow now, we have done a complete topic switch. I felt great this morning! Sure, at still-damn-dark-O'clock this morning I realized I was slow basting myself in cyst induced back pain (Not joking, I have apparently spent several weeks now slowly turning over in circles and this morning I woke up enough to realize why I was doing it. If I lay in one place too long I get really nasty lower back pain. Seems I can sleep and be in almost constant, spinning motion, which is really kind of cool ... unless you are mathew and trying to sleep next to the idiot on the invisible spit-roast). Then I had breakfast. Took my pills and everything. It all went to hell from there.

Queazy, dizzy, lightheaded and coughing. The worst part is the coughing. It has been here for weeks and while 'Yay! I am not coughing up blood anymore!', now it actively feels like I am breathing water half the time. You know that "I totally just swallowed that wrong" feeling or maybe closer to holding your face over a really steaming bowl of water with a towel over your head? Yeah, that. Then the coughing starts and then I try to faint due to lack of oxygen. Good times.

Then we had to take the child to her onsite class today. Motion sickness made everything ALL BETTER! (sarcasm).

On the other hand, I did learn a few things about my child today and her win vs. fail score in life.

Fail: She was texting with her brand new (like 3 weeks now) cellphone during class (which was also a field trip so extra supervision).
Win: She got away with it by telling them she was taking pictures.
Fail: The person she was texting was her mother.
Not sure which way to call this one: Her mother may have been texting her back ... about the fail that was not falling in the stream she did actually take a picture of and text to her mother.

And that was my day. Stomach has settled down now, thank you my mommy and my child for making very stomach friendly Keilke for dinner. With even more stomach friendly yogurt instead of cream sauce.
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In my continuing quest to scare the hell out of my child cinematically (this may be a new word), I need help.

Movies we have tried so far:

Wishmaster (which is what started this whole thing)
Child's Play
The Others (is this actually supposed to be a scary movie?)
Dawn of the dead (both versions)
Pet Semetary (she laughed through it and still wanders around going " hehehehe NOM!")
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later (she wants them to make 28 years later because and I quote "it might be more entertaining if the whole cast is dancing skeletons")
Arachnophobia (she actually jumped at this one but only when the giant spider lept out of the pipe the rest of it was apparently giggle worthy)

There were more, that I can't remember but as you can see the usual suspects aren't going to cut it with this child.

Help me out here? What is the scariest movie you have ever seen? I am talking jumped out of your seat had to go turn the lights, carry a weapon, afraid to be alone for days scared, I don't think just hiding behind a pillow is going to work.
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How awesome?

She remembered the 2 year storyiversary for Pleasantries was on April 19th (something I didn't even remember) and that is a huge deal for pretty much everyone who knows me because my usual method of doing things is to go all out for about 3 weeks, learn as much as I can in that time and move on ... usually leaving whatever it was not finished (see, I keep telling people I have my own reasons, actually finishing something is one of them)

Anyway, back to the child, today after her last art class she brought out a bag.

Excuse the blurry phone pics )
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The rat-brat child has what I consider the worlds most ridiculous school assignment ever. Ready for this? (You can laugh, or WTF, or whatever you want, this is the actual assignment taken "as is" from her book).

cut for textbook graphic )

Where we live there are no stores which use paper bags anymore (outside of the one specialty kitchen store where I buy a small fortune worth of spices every month). Even the "boutiques" use some sort of stiffer molded plastic. I haven't seen a paper grocery bag in well over a decade. What they do have is the option to purchase (usually for around a dollar) a reusable fabric bag with the store branding on it in the store colours. As a result everyone has a small mountain of reusable fabric bags and it is not unusual (quite common really) to see people in line at any given store with a rainbow of bags from various stores and the plastic bags are only used if the groceries won't all fit in the bags the shopper brought with them.

So my daughter went out to do this survey and without exception the answer she got was "Fabric".

Before she scribbles "Invalid survey" all over this thing and writes her own I thought I would ask here. For anyone who cares to help her out do you prefer plastic or paper bags when you go shopping and why?

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It is virtual Science Fair time again and my daughter has just declared her project.

"To study the effects of adding a simple kelp meal supplement to the diet of Coturnix Quail measuring growth, production weight, egg production and over all vigor through at least three (3) generations."


My little nerd is growing so fast!
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K, first things first. After forever, I reread 5.6 and you know that whole "OMG I need to rewrite this, it is awful and ooc and ..." ? Yeah. It is none of those. Maybe a little OOC (in the sense that it might seem to be coming out of left field via the Horse Head Nebula) but it so isn't and that means ... *cue dramatic music* I only have a few more images to go and you get an update! AND it is looking like I will actually get time to do it! ...

*listens to collective "It's about fricken time" ... nods in agreement*

In other not sims news ... HEHEHEHE~ you will not believe what I built. I am not going to tell you even. I will show you instead in a 'Much Cuteness Picspam' that I will take the images for tomorrow once the glowwy thing is back in the blue thing and all of it will probably look grey anyway because it is RAINING!

Oh and that issue my munchkin was having the other day? Yeah, the order of the day is apparently "back pedal, back pedal, deny, deny, 'it's stress!' I will just pay a month worth of that monthly bill I am court ordered to pay and haven't bothered to in the past three (and a half) years."

One of these days I might get around to answering that email. I doubt it. I am not answering the phone either since I am pretty sure the combinations of words that will leave my mouth if I do are illegal in several countries ...

It's been a fun few days!


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