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Jan. 20th, 2014 04:24 pm
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Greetings interweb!!

I poofed again. And I am probably going to do it again. Maybe not for so long, but it is prolly going to happen.

I tried the NaNoMo thing, it went about as well as you would expect from me. 4800 words in I realized I was not writing the story I thought I was and was actually writing a much larger story that I was not prepared for. It was not a total disaster though! I can now, very highly recommend Scrivener! If I hadn't been using it I would have got lost before I even started and wouldn't be able to keep plugging away at what I have as time permits.

Now, because I wouldn't dream of being gone this long and come back empty handed, have a snippet from the Not-So-NaNoMo project:

Snippet )
On a sims front, I am currently working on the long overdue update to RBPV and fiddling with textures for more terrain types to go with the farm fields.

On a health front I am doing great. For serious. I haven't felt this ... 'alive' is really the only word I can think of that fits ... in decades. It's good. I'm good. Everything is good. I hope everything is good for all of you as well.

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Yup, I fell off the interweb again. Who is actually surprised by this? That is not to say that I have not been simming, I have, I even have RBPV updates. I have them. You do not 'cause ... well ... um ... yeah. I haven't felt like typing them up? That and I got caught up doing ... something else.

What something else? This something else. The irony there being I can't wear most of them due to multiple metal allergies. I can make 'em though!

In other news. I have surgery on Wednesday. Cyst is finally being removed! Yay! Maybe I can walk again? Possibly? Please? That is the hope anyway. After major abdominal surgery, 4 days at least in the hospital and then 6 weeks minimum recovery, I better be able to walk again! Or I'm gonna be pissed.

Oh and Mr. Lumpy is dying, or more specifically Mr. Lumpy is entirely dead on the inside and continues to shrink. More good news! The weird news (seriously, you KNEW there had to be a weird in here somewhere!) Mr. Lumpy is not a primary cancer. He spread from somewhere else. Where? No idea. They can't find anything anywhere. There are a few options (okay, more than a few) of things that were removed years and years and years ago like my incredibly large and rapidly changing birthmark that used to be above my left ear. At this point it is anyone's guess and they are all tired of guessing with me. Much investigation has turned up a collective shrug and I am not worried about it.

Also, a few weeks ago, someone left me a comment asking about the availability of Tybalt's birth mark. That has been found and is coming. The plan is to load my game here in a few minutes and get pics of that mark and the two others I made at the same time. Then I will get them up for download for you.

And that is about it! Pretty much a "Hi!!!!!! Still here!!!! Kinda fell off for a while and about to again due to upcoming ouchies! I will be back!"
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Though I have forgotten tons ... you would not believe how long it took me to remember which button it was that put the camera into "cameraman mode". I got it now though!

I will have a mashed together post covering ... how ever many weeks I have played through in the challenge by the time I get to posting it. Was going to do regular updates but I am missing a full rotation of pics because someone forgot to turn Fraps on .... *whistles innocently*. I figure [ profile] amochan8878 , [personal profile] jeans_sim_memoirs , [ profile] chillyzgrrlsims and[ profile] remisims might want to see what abuse I am putting their sims through. Still more room in the gene pool if anyone else wants to offer up a sim for sacrifice, especially for girls. My sims have forgotten how to have girls I think!

cuteness under the cut )

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I looked at the calender on my computer today and was all "Wait ... the 18th? SERIOUSLY!?"

I am still here btw, just ... ummm ... other stuffing? (as opposed to stuffing others .. though that might be fun too, I know a few people who need to be stuffed in really small closets, or maybe air tight boxes ... moving on shall we? Yes, I think so.)

updates )

Okay, so maybe I might have lied. Now that I think about it, the State of The Sims doesn't look so bad at all. Was just a matter of finding a way to put the fun back into the rebuild.

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Ages ago I was supposed to make a post all about how the weather sucked (seriously, snowing and we have to go OVER a mountain to get to the cancer clinic which means more snow) and how the people who are supposed to keep the roads drivable didn't believe the weather forecast and thus did NOT keep up with the roads. Then on the way back it was raining (turning everything into that wonderful slush consistency), like REALLY raining, can't see 10 meters in front of you raining ... and the van decided that was the perfect time to throw a wiper blade. all of this made even more fun by these not actually being replaceable wipers, just the rubber part ... with a lot of fiddling ... and it actually snapped off the screws that hold the upper portion of the arm on. So there I am, standing on the side of the highway with Mathew holding a flashlight (because Mathew gets this glazed look if anyone even mentions the word "car". It's okay, I have participated in enough engine changes in my life for the both of us, he's forgiven) in the pouring rain wiring the windshield wiper back on with bead wire in the hope it will hold until we get home and can get to the actual tools.
Hair or lack there of, nibbling bunnies and a little bit about sims. Oh and a couple pics. )

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I was asked to post the rules I am playing my BaCC with.

Such as they are )
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They will probably not display correctly in your game.

I have not gone through and checked all of them in the post I had here previously, but those I did check most did not work and were displaying some really funky faces.

I will be re-uploading them from my confirmed working back-ups in the near future.
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Can I just start this off by saying you guys rock? Really. Thank you everyone who jumped in to help my daughter with her homework. Part of the issue with the question is not only is the book on the older side, but her school is based out of a major city 130km away. Most of the other children are "city kids" where I am told some stores do still have the option of something other than plastic or fabric bags. Learn something every day!

Also, because I am a dork, I found the responses fascinating.

And speaking of being a dork ...

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan! Check this out:

Tracers! Radioactive Tracers! )
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As seen in Halloween 2010 Photoshoot with Bonus Download: This is on LJ and Friend Locked. Sorry :( Nudity kind of requires that. Feel free to friend and tell me you want to see the good stuff though and I will get you on the list :) ... No, there is no FULL nudity! ugh! There is however a strategically placed vase and possibly way more Tel ass than you ever wanted to see.

Stats for those who are interested.

Name: Telesto Villega

Aspiration: Pleasure/Family (Family??? Really? Seriously this was news to me when I was poking around in SimPE today. I don't remember setting his secondary aspiration but you know, that explains oh so much!)

Personality: 9, 9, 3, 4, 10 (and this is what we call the Villega personality, it results in such wonderful things as all three Villega siblings acting like lecherous octopi with their dates until I decide to send them back home at which point, in perfect synchronization, they kiss said date on the cheek, smirk, finger gun and flounce happily out the door ...)

Zodiac: Aquarius
Turn-ons: Makeup, Brown Hair
Turn-off: Cologne
Gender Preference: Your guess is as good as mine!

And what a yummy little fiend he is! )


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