RBPV 8.1

Jan. 21st, 2014 10:24 pm
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Last time at Harrell House 1 (and I only remember this because I just finished reading it :P) Rosica gave birth to quints fulfilling the "have 10 children" want ... plus an 11th because that is just the way this house works. I am warning you now, I can't tell them apart yet and the long break did not help that any. What followed was a long sequence of diapers and bottles and pain during which Stuart was largely neglected (Sorry Stuart) the house was expanded and Rosica fulfilled her Max all 7 Skills LTW. Longest sim days I have EVER played.

The quints aged up, Alexander had a fit about a toy robot Rosica left out for the children (though he changed his mind before throwing it away), Rosica and I hashed out exactly what earns the Business Owner point, Mitzi teenified into a knowledge sim with a future in Education and met her intended (Paris by winterinverona). Then Sally Tipple invited herself in and made out with Alexander. For the first time ever, Rosica had an issue with her husband's habit of kissing random women and things got ugly, though she did eventually forgive him.

Round about the time of being forgiven, Alexander headed out with the toy robot he had objected so much about to visit a witch living in the woods (she really does) and struck a deal for an as yet unrevealed spell after which he placed the robot on an out of the way shelf in his work room and warned Jason, very sternly, never to touch it.

Somewhere in there the quints aged up to child, Stuart teenified and will be unlocking the Artist career (not painter standing at the easel all day, the actual career), Wilford twirled into adulthood complete with promotion to legal secretary and, much to my dismay, Alexander and Rosica grew old together.

Whew! All caught up now? Good.

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RBPV 7.0

May. 18th, 2013 10:41 pm
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Last time in House Harrell Dominick aged to adult, Mitzi and Stuart grew into childhood, Wilford aged to teen where he rolled up an unlocked career (he's going into Law), the gypsy dropped off a lamp and Dominick wished for wealth. Almost immediately following the wish a burglar showed up unlocking burglar alarms, positions in crime, law enforcement and law when the cop won the fight! Both Rosica and Alexander rolled up wants for 10 children and I agreed to go for it ... along with devising a plan to make sure they get there as quickly as possible. We are still waiting to see if said plan worked. Wilford met his wife to be Dena Patrick .. who promptly made out with Alexander .. and no one cared!

While all of that sinks in, lets take a moment to meet the remainder of the gene pool.

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RBPV 6.8

May. 14th, 2013 10:35 am
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Soooo, I forgot that Preston and Amber were moving out when I started this round and have screwed up my numbering. Just pretend it was intentional when the next one is 6.9 k?

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