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More with the catching up.

Everyone knows how this works yes? Also, I will happily do more of these should anyone request them. Still to come: Tybalt, Caelan, Rick, Dirk and Caliban ... I think that is all I currently have on the list (nudge me if you know of anyone I missed)

Tagged ages ago on Formspring and have actually had this complete for ages, I just never remember to post them. That said, lets get to it shall we?


10 Facts About Telesto )
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So, in my weekly checking of my email (I really haven't been around much! Sorry!) I noticed [ profile] bolob had a few issues (*maniacal giggle*) with a couple of sims ...

I believe you! Pic heavy spam of why under here! )
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*Disclaimer: This opinion piece is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with the Grim Reaper. The events depicted in this "work of fiction" are based on unsubstantiated rumor and should not be assumed to be fact. Further, all named parties shall be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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Jun. 20th, 2011 09:14 pm
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I hate them.

That is all.
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I think I love you!

Really, someone please fill that.

Also for the record, all of my characters from anything sims related I may write are totally welcome at [ profile] sims_anon . Pervert them however you wish.
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I've got the default face replacements from [ profile] remisims  which are pretty and eyes from [ profile] jesstheex that are all shiny. I have been tweaking other things here and there, cleaning up funky shadows and bad blends on skins, fixing weird seams on clothing, that sort of thing. My game is looking all pretty and shiny!

Except Tel's eyes. :(

are like the bane of my existance! )

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I am having a really hard time NOT writing Chapter 5 :( Seriously. Itchy fingers in the extreme! They are in my head talking at me and I want to write it down so badly! Sure I am making notes, but that is so not the same thing.

So how about some behind the scenes picspam?


Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Chapter 4! Seriously. HUGE Spoiler. If you have not read Chapter 4 yet do that first.

Really. Spoilers. Don't click if you haven't read the Chapter. )


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Like the mere suggestion that I should apparently. So, Halloween treats a little early!

Lets see:

Horns ....
Tail ....
Not much else ... definite

One adorable cutie having a totally surreal moment and hoping like hell he is not dreaming?

If he is, no one wake him up! )

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As seen in Halloween 2010 Photoshoot with Bonus Download: This is on LJ and Friend Locked. Sorry :( Nudity kind of requires that. Feel free to friend and tell me you want to see the good stuff though and I will get you on the list :) ... No, there is no FULL nudity! ugh! There is however a strategically placed vase and possibly way more Tel ass than you ever wanted to see.

Stats for those who are interested.

Name: Telesto Villega

Aspiration: Pleasure/Family (Family??? Really? Seriously this was news to me when I was poking around in SimPE today. I don't remember setting his secondary aspiration but you know, that explains oh so much!)

Personality: 9, 9, 3, 4, 10 (and this is what we call the Villega personality, it results in such wonderful things as all three Villega siblings acting like lecherous octopi with their dates until I decide to send them back home at which point, in perfect synchronization, they kiss said date on the cheek, smirk, finger gun and flounce happily out the door ...)

Zodiac: Aquarius
Turn-ons: Makeup, Brown Hair
Turn-off: Cologne
Gender Preference: Your guess is as good as mine!

And what a yummy little fiend he is! )


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