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I am aware that when DW crossposts to LJ the past few days LJ likes to add extra spaces because LJ's ability to handle simple text (along with several other 'features' like the ability to even connect) has gone to shit. I have been making an attempt to edit the post after it goes live on LJ to fix the issue (and add in links it seems to enjoy removing and uncentering text it likes to fuck with just because). That will not be happening today. Today it is being extra pissy and will not let me edit at all.

That being the case, if the screwy formatting bothers you on LJ it is displaying as intended on DW, try reading it there. And, since I can't edit in the user link leaving a broken sentence that makes very little sense in my last BACC update, I will say it here as well. Thank you [ profile] bolob . You were right about the "wear anything" mod fixing the issue.

Never mind, (thank you still stands though!) it finally properly updated. *shrug* No idea but sinking ship is certainly coming to mind.


Jul. 21st, 2011 01:20 pm
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My mommy loves me! Seriously. She came back from getting her computer repaired today and handed me a laptop with the words "It's not new, I don't think it will play the game, but it is better than the one you had, has wireless and isn't dead. Go type in peace."

HEHEHE! *pets the pretty not stuck at my desk anymore and can take the shiny interwbs with me this time* Oh gods ... I can take the shiny interwebs with me this time. *eep* I am going to need to learn discipline. *eyeroll* Thanks Mom! /sarcasim.

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I'm going to start with the secret, because it is making me a bit uncomfortable.

In which I ramble and things get sappy ... but there is Anto! )
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Oh. My. God. You have no idea.

I spent an entire week reminding myself NOT to forget. Then I forgot. With my daughter's school wrapping up (of course ending with a major project - I totally know what a light maze is now!) followed by my mother's birthday on Thursday, my sister's birthday the very next day, failed attempts to bake a sugar/artificial sweeter free cake (that one sort of worked) and a gluten free cake as well (totally failed!) for the combined party on Sunday and all the other things I have been trying to fit in around that ... I forgot.

So ...

Happy horribly belated birthday! (Am not sure you want it known when your B-day is, but you know who you are!) I hope you had an awesome, amazing, wonderful day.

Hugs and thank you for all that you do. Sorry I forgot.

Thank you!

Mar. 17th, 2011 08:03 am
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Whomever you are.

I hope you (and everyone else) enjoy today's header. :D

Though I should warn the f-list before they visit - may be NWS depending on where you work ...
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Before I get into anything else, the part I am most excited about. (You have to picture the bouncing and arm flailing here 'cause it happened)

Stuffeth of the fun sort! )


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