Jan. 20th, 2014 04:24 pm
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Greetings interweb!!

I poofed again. And I am probably going to do it again. Maybe not for so long, but it is prolly going to happen.

I tried the NaNoMo thing, it went about as well as you would expect from me. 4800 words in I realized I was not writing the story I thought I was and was actually writing a much larger story that I was not prepared for. It was not a total disaster though! I can now, very highly recommend Scrivener! If I hadn't been using it I would have got lost before I even started and wouldn't be able to keep plugging away at what I have as time permits.

Now, because I wouldn't dream of being gone this long and come back empty handed, have a snippet from the Not-So-NaNoMo project:

Snippet )
On a sims front, I am currently working on the long overdue update to RBPV and fiddling with textures for more terrain types to go with the farm fields.

On a health front I am doing great. For serious. I haven't felt this ... 'alive' is really the only word I can think of that fits ... in decades. It's good. I'm good. Everything is good. I hope everything is good for all of you as well.

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So, it is the ass crack of dawn and I need to leave for surgery in about 40 minutes, have not packed the bag I am supposed to take with me yet and what is my brain doing?

Insisting I write that scene for Pleasantries it has been tormenting me with all night instead of letting me sleep.

Months where trying to write was kind of like hitting myself in the head with a spiky stick. This morning my muse is running amok.

Go figure.
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Soooooooo, guess what I haven't got a single word of yet?

I am not worried though. Okay, maybe a little, but if I actually sit down and get typing I know I can knock out 3000-5000 words a day no problem. Only every time I open word something happens, like the excruciating pain, or an out of the blue all day bbq suddenly appearing on my patio (seriously). I'm getting a little nervous about opening up word.

I do plan to get started on that tonight, get it written and then go do the few pics I had planned to include ... as soon as someone comes along and makes me put the manga away ... *headdesk* Can't. Stop. Reading!

Seriously though, Crimson Spell is surprisingly good and Earthian has an interesting premise so far.

This is not writing yet though is it?

I should totally just do it all here in an entry that way I can get you guys to help keep me accountable to myself (that made sense I swear!) oh! I know, Google docs! Real time typoing (that was not) on my part, bouncing around from scene to scene with inline notes (that I somehow always manage to remove all of ... the day will come, I know it!) and anyone who is interested can just pop in whenever and see how it is going? Anyone up for that? Yeah?

Here you go. Drop in whenever comments are totally open.

*edit* 1400 words! With time out for dinner. I have just been informed it is movie time (we are watching edward scissorhands) so I am packing it up for tonight and will be back to writing either way later tonight or tomorrow. Was fun though, especially chatting with people when they dropped in.

Go fish.

Jul. 11th, 2012 10:49 am
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Sooooo, the fishing poll is up for [ profile] sim_spiration's Go Fish. I'm a little ... nervous(?) about the genre that has taken an early lead for me, though I am REALLY looking forward to seeing some of the other genre/writer match-ups that are emerging.

There is still an issue I need to work out though. That issue is:

Do I go with already established characters and either AU or just a side story that is not relevant to the main plot they are already in or completely new characters?

I can see positives and negatives for both. I think I will wait until closer to having a firm result from the poll in mind before I decide that ... or, as usually happens something will wander through my head and decide for me. Or maybe I will settle it with a poll here.

Meanwhile, I think I have some reading to do I am not exactly familiar with a couple of the genres. Time to go brush up on those.

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I have some good news and some ... yeah, I donno, it is news.

Short verision after the cut, details under here. )

To sum up what is a way longer post than I intended. The rebuild is going well even taking into account the few issues with corrupt back-ups. Things are going to look different, but shouldn't be drastically so, because I am being a lot more picky about what I download this time. I am curious if people want to see the make-overs as they happen. I will be including significantly less images when I do return to updates with the images and finally, I am probably going to seem to disappear again for a bit. I won't actually be disappearing, just not posting/commenting much because cuteness is on the way and will then need to be spoiled rotten.
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Can I just start this off by saying you guys rock? Really. Thank you everyone who jumped in to help my daughter with her homework. Part of the issue with the question is not only is the book on the older side, but her school is based out of a major city 130km away. Most of the other children are "city kids" where I am told some stores do still have the option of something other than plastic or fabric bags. Learn something every day!

Also, because I am a dork, I found the responses fascinating.

And speaking of being a dork ...

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan! Check this out:

Tracers! Radioactive Tracers! )
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There is this thing where the "what if's" go around and around in my head, usually as not much more than a dull roar in the background. What if this character had said this instead of that? What if over here this happened? And off they go playing out in detail somewhere on the edge of my consciousness. Every so often one of them will come to the forefront of my thoughts and I will scribble them down for further thinking about later. Sometimes though; this happens:

processing the process )
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And it is a bit scary ...

Really, what was I doing? )

[ profile] debbycus ! Proofing stuff coming your way tomorrow! Soon as I get about 14 hours sleep :D
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So I actually "played" Sims for a few days. No, really I did. I don't do that, like ever.

Minor world breaking under the cut, but only if you think that what you read is exactly what is going on! )

So, here is the question. If you have a choice to make on how a scene will play out and the only difference it will make is in a few flexible details further down the line, how do you decide which one to go with?


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