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So, it is the ass crack of dawn and I need to leave for surgery in about 40 minutes, have not packed the bag I am supposed to take with me yet and what is my brain doing?

Insisting I write that scene for Pleasantries it has been tormenting me with all night instead of letting me sleep.

Months where trying to write was kind of like hitting myself in the head with a spiky stick. This morning my muse is running amok.

Go figure.
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Rather an ovarian cyst.

Plus side, no surgery. Downside I can expect this "delightful" (heavy on the sarcasm) feeling to continue for at least the next 5 days with the potential to flare up for the next 3 months.

And Mathew thought I was joking yesterday when I said "Just kill me now." HA!
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It isn't. What it is is ... I really don't know what it is thanks to the morphine and percocet.

I seem to have an inflamed appendix. Most likely, waiting on tests first thing in the morning to find out for sure and then probably off to surgery to get it removed.

I swear I am not actually trying to collect ailments, nor do I just really like having surgery (despite what Mathew seems to think because he has a very twisted sense of humour. I like his sense of humour, it helps sometimes). Anyway, if I fall off the net again for a few days, you know why. If this turns out to not be what they think it is I will be back.

Also, Rach, you both better be here when I do get back. K?
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New CPU is all installed (has been for a bit actually) and my computer loves me again! Almost ... :(

The slow loading is gone, the lag is gone, everything works perfectly. Except TS2.

Get this. If I pull any one sub folder out of my downloads (it doesn't matter if it has 1 file or 10, 000 files in it) the game works perfectly. As soon as I put that folder back it will crash randomly on trying to use the build/buy catalog or every time trying to use the design tool. This is on both an established (Pleasantries) account and a fresh account with about 8gigs of CC (yes, this account had a purpose as well).

I'm confused. Anyone ever heard of this?
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I am a fairly liberal parent, okay, no, I am an extremely liberal parent. The line I draw for what my daughter may or may not be exposed to has made more than one person cringe ...
And yet I just found something that made even me go "What in fuck is this doing linked from the LJ homepage!??!!"

Everyone (over the age of majority) following along?

Mature Content )
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l am not sure if my mother and Mathew were getting visions of the future when they decided I needed a tablet, but I am so very glad they did.  I wouldn't be making this post without it and l am a little surprised it can recognize my chicken scratch but it can! and l am posting!

Excuse me? You wanna do what now? )

I need to get lost for a while longer. I'll be back though, as soon as I can think without my brain screaming "AMPUTATION!". Right now, there is a kinky Antivan Crow who is putting the moves on a cute little Dalish Rouge.  That is a way better topic to be thinking about.
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Like this conversation between Buzz and Darren.

* * * )

Then Darren sold him a dog ..........
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... )

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yes, I am now effectively banned from using a keyboard until I have slept properly. You're welcome.


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