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"I have two modes: Bouncy and Bitchy.
So the real question is, how lucky do you feel today?"

Hi! Chances are you are here to read Pleasantries. If so, awesome, welcome, and right this way to the Index. If you are looking for Downloads those are here, Other things I have written are here. Of course if you are actually here to find out something about me, read on.

I hate bio's. I am me. What more do you need to know?

That's not terribly helpful? I see. Well then.

I am an artist at heart, though I am just as comfortable expressing my creative impulses with words. Not as practiced, but still comfortable! The practice is coming along which is the purpose to this journal.

I ramble, I share what I have written, oh and I prove repeatedly that I am probably not the most sane person you will meet.

I'm also quite shy. I can not stress this point enough. So sharing, and knowing what to say, is kind of excruciatingly painful for me until I get to know someone. You know the creepy chick that sits in the back of the room glaring, and when someone tries to talk to her kind of stares at them blankly or like they have three heads and you sort of wonder if she's a homicidal maniac? But then one of her friends comes along and she's all smiles and can actually carry on a conversation? Yeah, that's me, though the jury is still out on the homicidal part.

So yeah, there you go, a bio.. of sorts.

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