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Update The Second: It has been pointed out to me that these are NOT all skintone compatible! The large bruises do NOT work well on very dark skin tones especially if they have a red or yellow undertone.

I checked compatibility with my default replacements and a few other skin tones but I simply didn't think to check with something in that colour range. That is a serious oversight on my part. I have every intention of correcting this as soon as time permits and I will re-upload the fixed version here.

Sorry about that. :/

Content Warning! Potentially Disturbing Images!

The first set of the "Whipped" series with bonus "Gore Edition" ... okay so I might have got a bit carried away.

Six versions: Two tops and Four full body for Adult Male. Found under Casual. Should (finally!) be compatible for all skintones, let me know if you have any issues!

Whippedfull Naked Gore Edition Front
Whippedfull Naked Gore Edition Back

Whippedtopping Back (yeah, don't ask about the name, I was in a mood ...) This is a TOP ONLY!

Whippedtopping Front

Whippedtopping Back Gore Edition

Whippedtopping Front Gore Edition

Whippedfull Rags Front
Whippedfull Rags Back
Not shown: Gore Edition of Whippedfull Rags and Non-Gore Edition of Whippedfull Naked.

Important Information!

In the interest of full disclosure: These will NOT hold up to extreme close-ups. They pixelate if you get too close. Also there are a few weird overlaps/abrupt texture changes due to the mesh seams. The worst is on the inner right wrist. You have been warned.

Meshes: Full outfits require tiggerypum's Male Loincloth (alpha editable mesh). Top only requires Torso scars, manly chest wounds! For any skintone by SephirothScars.

Credit to Kitty's My Slave box with objects for the inspiration. Those chains and poses were just screaming to unleash the darker side! Beautifully done.

Also to tiggerypum and SephirothScars for the meshes.

Thank you!

Do what you wish with them, include them with sims, use them in stories, screenshots, whatever, just don't go calling them yours or uploading them elsewhere. If you use them somewhere I would love to know about it.

If you have any issues at all please let me know!

Downloads: Regular Editions    Gore Editions

Date: 2010-09-02 11:06 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] nex
These are awesome :D Now I just need an excuse to use them!


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