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On the other hand, I have found the ignore feature and this is a good thing because (apologies to anyone who belongs to the "simblr" community and doesn't fall into this category) there is some serious lack of intelligence going around over there. We are talking about a world in which sims can WALK THROUGH EACH OTHER, but a little floor clipping is supposed to be a serious issue? Does participating in "simblr" (no, actually, I am not capable of typing that without quotes, it is a physical impossibility ... apparently) just suck your IQ by default?

Moving on, yes? Yes.

So, Sims 4. I don't hate it.

Who is surprised? 'Cause I have to say, I am. A lot. It actually has a lot going for it, not the least of which is build mode and I am saying that having only built 1 house.

Yes, lack of toddlers sucks, lack of moveObjects sucks. It is my understanding both of those are causing some issues on the programming front. I can be patient.

I don't see a huge issue with other  things that are missing. I will grant that a lot of that is probably because I have never played TS3 and for good reason in my opinion. For me TS3 is some sort of abomination from the pits of hell and no amount of modding or expansion packs will ever change that. I get that a lot of people don't share my opinion and that is okay. If it works for you, great. It did not work for me and you need to keep that in mind while I am rambling about what I like in TS4.

I like the build mode improvements. I LOVE the building by adding whole rooms. I am okay with the look of the sims themselves. I like the emotions aspect. I like that promotions at work are not all about grinding skills. Sure, you still have to work up your skills to a point, but other things come into play. I like the ability to multitask. I like that sims rarely stand there staring off into space for lack of something better to do. I like that they will act to save their own lives rather than starve to death or moth to the fire and burn to death! That being said, I have not actually tried to kill a sim outright yet and I am a little concerned that may prove difficult. Testing on that part coming up soon.

There are of course things I don't like. The lots are tiny. Way more tiny than you would think when you first look at them from the 'hood screen (world screen I guess it is in this version). the loading screens exist, but again as a TS2 die hard this is really not an issue, especially when the load times of those loading screens are so fast. TS2 could only dream of ever having load times like these! I miss cars, though TS2 did not have them at launch either. The ability to customize the world and place new lots would be amazing. There really aren't enough lots, especially with how tiny they are. I can see a legacy being difficult to play with the usual "Heir and a spare" where you also play the spares. Conservative estimate you would be out of lots by gen 3 or 4.

Over all though it isn't bad. It is a The Sims Basegame and keeping that simple fact in mind while playing really does go a long way toward seeing it for what it is AND spotting the potential for the future.


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