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Genre: Drama, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, Crime
Word Count For Chapter: 12770
Rating: NC17 / M for story as a whole.

Advisories are in Part 1. I am a little rusty here so just assume they all apply.

Pleasantries - Chapter 6 - In the Line of Duty - Part 3 )
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I want to apologize for those first couple scenes. I couldn't get them to read any less awkward. They weren't even supposed to be here until Caelan surprised me with asking Lilith out. I also had a little trouble finding the character voices. They are back now though. Chapter 7 coming up, hopefully without a 2.5 year gap this time!
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Genre: Drama, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, Crime
Word Count For Chapter: 4450 (and counting)
Rating: NC17 / M for story as a whole.

*note*: This is the second update with no images. See here for why (they will be back eventually!)

Advisories are in Part 1. Active this time around are language and descriptions of the aftermath of that implied violence (possibly a bit much if you have an active, visual imagination and are squeamish).

See, I knew I just had to get that first one out of the way and then this would go so much more smoothly, because now, without further rambling:

Pleasantries - Chapter 6 - In the line of Duty - Part 2 )

A couple quick notes: For anyone that missed the picture of Tybalt without his mask on here (go look, the pic clickies for full size and the detail is much more clear there), that is him in the icon for this entry so you can see what it was Caelan almost commented on. :P

And the chairs. I kind of had the image of something like these in mind. Though I am certain the chairs pictured are much more comfortable than the ones I had in mind, and defiantely far less ugly. Just a general visualization and absolutely no slight is intended to to designer of the chairs pictured or meant to imply her product is not of the highest quality. Simply using them as a visual aide. The above image is courtesy of Today in Style. (Is my ass covered enough here yet?)
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Genre: Drama, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, Crime
Word Count: 1200 (and counting)
Rating: NC17 / M for story as a whole.

Advisories:  Course Language, Course Language (it needs repeating), Misbehaving Minors, Really Misbehaving Adults, Death, Nudity (if I get my game running again before the chapter ends), Implied Violence, Annoying Little Shits, Male bonding (not that kind! Okay, some of that kind too), Prostitution (no, not implied this time), and Winston gets his dork on.

*notes*: There are no images in this update. More details can be found here.

Yes, I know it is short. Had to "get it out there" so it stops being so ... painful and this was this was the portion I had which I was okay with. New characters coming in, one set of them sooner than I was expecting. Lack of images though has it making more sense to bring them in now. Those you have not met before are present in the cover image (go obsessive snapping of useless pics!).

Now, before I change my mind again and decide I really can't do this ....

Pleasantries - Chapter 6 - In the line of Duty - Part 1 )
On to Part 2


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