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I had a ridiculous amount of fun chatting with those who stopped in while I was writing yesterday. I hope they enjoyed it as well. So, in about an hour (7pm Pacific time) I will be back over on google docs working on my go-fish project. Feel free to stop by.

You can find it here ... and might even find a few familiar faces in the story :D

*edit: For those who are interested you can find a list of go fish participants (and their respective challenge/prompts) here.
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Soooooooo, guess what I haven't got a single word of yet?

I am not worried though. Okay, maybe a little, but if I actually sit down and get typing I know I can knock out 3000-5000 words a day no problem. Only every time I open word something happens, like the excruciating pain, or an out of the blue all day bbq suddenly appearing on my patio (seriously). I'm getting a little nervous about opening up word.

I do plan to get started on that tonight, get it written and then go do the few pics I had planned to include ... as soon as someone comes along and makes me put the manga away ... *headdesk* Can't. Stop. Reading!

Seriously though, Crimson Spell is surprisingly good and Earthian has an interesting premise so far.

This is not writing yet though is it?

I should totally just do it all here in an entry that way I can get you guys to help keep me accountable to myself (that made sense I swear!) oh! I know, Google docs! Real time typoing (that was not) on my part, bouncing around from scene to scene with inline notes (that I somehow always manage to remove all of ... the day will come, I know it!) and anyone who is interested can just pop in whenever and see how it is going? Anyone up for that? Yeah?

Here you go. Drop in whenever comments are totally open.

*edit* 1400 words! With time out for dinner. I have just been informed it is movie time (we are watching edward scissorhands) so I am packing it up for tonight and will be back to writing either way later tonight or tomorrow. Was fun though, especially chatting with people when they dropped in.
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I am nearly confident enough, given that this is the last day of voting and baring a rush of new voters (which you can totally do, and should, because if you go vote and change the results you will cause me a mild moment of panic induced hyperventilating, it will be fun!) that I know what my genre will be for Go Fish.

I am also relatively confident (all previously mentioned things that could screw with said confidence aside ... you guys so want to screw with that don't you?) that I have a rough, very rough, idea of what I am going to write.

It will have new characters, possibly a few simselves ([ profile] amochan8878! Get online please! Unless you have completely broken the netbook as well! I needs to ask your permission!) and some familiar characters from at least one story.

What I don't know yet is if I will be posting as I go or if I will wait until I have it completed and then toss in a few images as well and then share.

I am really worried about the images. I have tried staging a few scenes for Pleasantries and it has felt really awkward and way more difficult than I remember it being.


Go fish.

Jul. 11th, 2012 10:49 am
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Sooooo, the fishing poll is up for [ profile] sim_spiration's Go Fish. I'm a little ... nervous(?) about the genre that has taken an early lead for me, though I am REALLY looking forward to seeing some of the other genre/writer match-ups that are emerging.

There is still an issue I need to work out though. That issue is:

Do I go with already established characters and either AU or just a side story that is not relevant to the main plot they are already in or completely new characters?

I can see positives and negatives for both. I think I will wait until closer to having a firm result from the poll in mind before I decide that ... or, as usually happens something will wander through my head and decide for me. Or maybe I will settle it with a poll here.

Meanwhile, I think I have some reading to do I am not exactly familiar with a couple of the genres. Time to go brush up on those.

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So, I have tentative dates, which is interesting since I have had several dates so far but this time the booking receptoinist was confident enough to write them in in pen!

July 12th for the pre-op and July 18th in the afternoon-ish.

There have been a lot of "ish"es going around about this.

In all seriousness I was looking forward to the removal of the back of my head way more than I am looking forward to a camera being inserted into my chest cavity. There is going to be tissue separation and that sounds a lot like it is going to hurt, for a long time.

In other news ...

I signed up for Go Fish! at [ profile] sim_spiration. 10k words written in a genre I do not usually write for between July 15th and August 15. I am going with best case, no complications scenario here and thinking it will give me something to do while recovering.

I hope.

Edit* Speaking of [ profile] sim_spiration they are looking for more prompts for their prompt pool and the number of responses to the weekly prompts has dropped over the last several months *stares at the simmers on the f-list*. Go write something for the prompts! (Totally realizing that I need to take that directive myself).


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