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While my TOU are very liberal and you can pretty much do whatever you want with whatever I have (see individual items for specific details) Under no circumstances is it ever okay to upload anything you got from me to TSR.

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The Future Of Pleasantries: Please read! Important information about where this is going. It is not pretty.

In an ideal world everyone would be who they say they are.
Everything would be what it seems to be.
Everyone would know their purpose.

This isn't an ideal world. Someone plans to make it that way.


Genre: Drama, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, Crime (and possibly a smattering of others, see authors note at the end of the prologue)
Word Count: 76 650ish (so far)
Contains: Course Language, Verbal Abuse, Adult Subject Matter, Alcoholism, Nudity, Discrimination, Alternative Sexuality, Underage Prostitution, Mental Illness, M-Preg, Graphic Violence, Death, Strongly Suggestive Imagery, Angst.

Detailed reviews and critique welcomed here.

*Note - Read This!* Chapter 6 is currently without images. This is temporary in the interest of keeping the story moving forward. At some point I will be going back and adding images when I have the ability to do so. More information can be found here.

Chapter 1  - What Dreams Are Made Of

Chapter 2 - Much Ado About No Thing
Chapter 3 - Grunt Work

Chapter 4  - P.U.R.E. Intentions?

Chapter 5  - Faking It

Chapter 6 - In Th Line Of Duty - imageless
Part 2 - New! - imageless

World Information:

Time-line and dates of Interest including birthdays of major characters.


Sim Storyteller Spotlight:
Featuring behind the scenes info and previews of a few things still to come.

Ask a Question:
Jumping on the bandwagon! Ask whatever you would like of any of the characters, the author, about the world. Whatever! Anonymous questions are enabled. Responses will be gathered periodically and added to this list.

Answers #1:
Answers to the questions you asked above.

Answers #2:
More answers to the questions you asked above.

Answers #3:
9 more answers to the questions you asked above.

Answers #4: *NEW*
17 more questions, 17 more answers.

Character Studies:

Character Meme - Lilith:
10(.5) facts about Lilith

Character Meme - Winston:
10 facts about Winston

Character Meme - Anto:
10 facts about Anto

Character Meme - Ripp:
10 facts about Ripp

Character Meme - Telesto:
10 facts about Telesto

Deleted Scenes:

Fell the Angels:
*Contains characters cut from the story* Tiethys has a discussion with Ajay about terminology. Deleted from Chapter 1.

Random Plot Bunnies:

The Squad:
Ripp, Telesto and Rick find themselves part of a cheering squad for one "Evil Bastard" from  's Eleven Glade. Complete crack!fic and should be concidered to fall firmly into the realm of "never happened".


... Unfinished Thoughts:
Tumblr: with stuff that doesn't make into the updates, random pic spam and general oddities.

The Villega Family Tree:
A pictural attempt to clear things up, or you know, muddle it a bit more. Either way.

Halloween 2010 Photoshoot with Bonus Download:
Featuring Telesto as a demon and one very surprised Ripp! I'm not sure if it is that Tel has him pinned to the couch while wearing horns and a tail or that Tel has him pinned to the couch wearing ONLY horns and a tail ... 

Behind the Scenes Picspam - What happened after the phonecall:
Sorting out a few relationships after Ripp calls Telesto at the end of Chapter 2. Spoiler for everything up to Chapter 4! Do not read if you are not up that point yet!
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This is the Index of Random Things that don't fit anywhere else.

Stories are sorted by rating, In the case of Series I have grouped all parts under the average chapter rating, each chapter will contain fair warning as to contents.

PG13 / Teen
14A for those of us in Canada would probably be closer for stories in this category. Think a very lenient, PG13 rating here. Maybe not suitable for the 13 year old so much but the 15 year old would be fine. Individual entries will be rated again in this category.

Operation: Population - Episode 1
Advisories: Do really bad puns count as advisory worthy?
Summary: In which we meet Sezic and learn a smidgen about his past.

Operation: Population - Episode 2
Advisories: Explosions and creatures of unknown origins.
Summary: Sezic's plan gets going.

Chasing Daylight - Introduction
What it is: The inspiration and explanation behind Chasing Daylight

1.Chasing Daylight 
Rating: This one is really pushing the PG13 envelope due to language. Graphically it is clean and family friendly.
Advisories: M/M (pre-slash at this point). Written for [ profile] slash4sims (and highly recommended that you join the community if you enjoy this story) coarse language, bullying, bitchy girls, jerky boys, annoying siblings, moody teenagers, bad stereo-typing, book abuse, adult conversations. Huge chapter is huge with 69 images plus two bonus.
Summary: Angelo just wants to find a quiet place to read his book. Everyone else seems to have other plans.

Rating: Graphically clean, however there is that word again.
Advisories: M/M (pre-slash at this point). Written for [ profile] slash4sims  Language, Slurs about sexual orientation, Smoking,  Catty Bitch, Hopeless Adam remains Hopeless, Over dramatic posing to go with over dramatic prose, and OMFG! Huge with 89 images.
Summary: Adam tries to apologize ... again.

YouTube Playlist:

Please note I have altered the original order of the songs to tell the story. It is also not complete so as to avoid spoilers.

NC17 / M+
Most Stories in this category are Custom Friend Locked if you can not read these entries comment here to be added to the custom group

Sunday Morning
Advisories: F/F, PWP, (almost) No Text of Any Kind, Graphic Pictures, Nudity, Adult Situations, REALLY Adult situations, Graphic Pictures of REALLY Adult Situations, Misuse of breakfast, Small amount of bad Photoshopping for lack of CC, Posing Fail and Sims (Maxis and Custom) in their underwear.

Tools and Resources
A listing of tools and resources I draw from. Some of them see occasional use, others I use with ridiculous frequency.

Custom content Resource List
An in progress list of where I get my Sims 2 Custom Content.

Random Word Generator
Useful when you just need a word, any word, like say a "secret password" that isn't completely off the wall.

Random Name Generator
This is one that I use with ridiculous frequency. Will generate a first name and up to 3 middle names
in various ethnic, religious, mythological, and even fantasy styles.


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