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Continued from Part 2

Advisories from Part 1 remain in effect. Specifically Language Angst and (Implied) Adult Situations containing those who shouldn't be in adult situations with the added bonus of incredibly cheesy.

No bad!Anto yet though (It is coming! See notes at end.)

Pleasantries - Chapter 5 - Faking It - Part 3 )

On to Part 4.

This was NOT where I wanted to cut this. There were supposed to be three more scenes before the break :( My computer is not a happy camper though.

BUT! Sitting beside me, in a shiny, pretty green box is one sparkly new, just arrived today, Micro ATX Motherboard! Oh yeah! It has been dying for over a year now and I finally gave in and got a new one. Downside, I can't install it yet. Well I could, but I am not going to because when I do I am going to reformat my hard drive and do a complete hood rebuild. I would kind of like to get at least the rest of this chapter out first, and possibly chapter 6. I am not sure I have the patience for chapter 6 though. The poor computer crashes every time someone breathes near it recently so getting the images is a wee bit frustrating.

In other news, as soon as I get my brain in a slightly less scattered state, someone who is very awesome and helpful and wonderful has volunteered to go back through EVERYTHING that I have posted so far and all future updates and fix my atrocious punctuation! Possibly grammar as well. How cool is that? I would totally have delayed this update as well until it was fixed up except for the whole "I want to get this chapter done so I can save my computer" thing.

Oh and yes, bad!Anto is still forthcoming. Though (and this might have been obvious by now) you can be sure he will be around a lot more in general since this chapter was the point where what is going on with him and Cal starts picking up and tangling in with everything else.

So, my computer is getting saved, Chapter 5 will now have five parts *sigh*, we will be seeing a lot more of Anto (really, a LOT more) and soon the whole story will be much more readable! WEE!
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Continued from Part 2

Advisories from Part 1 are in effect. We are getting a glimpse inside Ripp's head on this one so, kind of need to stress the Language and adult subject matter (sort of ...) also fricken huge! with 85 images ...

*note* So, just like in the last update at some point in reading there will be a little show up on the right hand side. I didn't tell you about them last time, as they were completely optional. this one is strongly recommended! Click the little and it will take you to a new window with a clicky embedded mp3 player (cause I know some of you have issues with youtube) for small piece of the sound track for this chapter.

Also, yes, I finally got the title right >.>

Pleasantries - Chapter 4 - P.U.R.E. Intentions? - Part 3 )

On to Chapter 5


A fricken' year! Seriously! On the drive (it's a long drive!) to the first day of my daughter's on site classes last January the plot bunny that is this chapter popped into my head. I am leaving to take her to her first day of on site classes for this year in 3.5 hours!


And with that last slide up there (and it is an awesome slide if I do say so myself) the first major plot arch of the story comes to a close. There's more though, don't worry. TONS more! I am taking a mini break though since my SimsStoCreMo project is officially to complete chapters 5 and 6 in their entirety in the month of February. *whimpers*

So bit of a mini hiatus and they will be back in Feb! :D
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If you haven't already please read: The Future Of Pleasantries

Continued from Part 2

Advisories from Part 1 are still in effect, specifically Death.

Carry on.

Pleasantries - Chapter 3 - Grunt Work- Part 3 )

On to Part 4.


Are the time stamps working for everyone? I hope so there was a lot of stressing on my part over the flow of this chapter.

Speaking of the flow of this chapter ... I know this was a short update. This is working out to be a long (huge!) chapter. Originally it was supposed to be two chapters and then I realized that there simply was not enough things going on for two chapters so I combined it into one. That was working really well. Except part way through the writing of part 2 certain characters who will remain nameless smacked me upside the head with their personalities!

I tried to ignore it. It didn't work and really what they hit me with I should have noticed a long time ago! It should have been planned for from the beginning. It wasn't. That is a failure on my part.

Now I am playing catch-up and adjusting (lots of adjusting! Ugh!) the story to fit. It has been interesting. Some of what I had planned has been altered, some tossed entirely, and new plot lines have been added. So as we go on from here if anything at all isn't working or is coming across just plain weird don't hesitate to let me know! I'm scrambling a bit here. I'm trying to make it seamless. I might not succeed. free hit counters
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If you haven't already please read: The Future Of Pleasantries

Continued from Part 2

Notes: Advisories etc are in Part 1. Advisories specific to this part, Language.Angst, Photoshop (for visual effect)

Pleasantries - Chapter 2 - Much Ado About No Thing - Part 3 )On to Part 4 tumblr hit counter
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Part 1 (with advisories and other fun stuff)  Part 2. Read those first. Seriously, they aren't that long.

Right, on with part 3

Pleasantries - Chapter 1 - What Dreams Are Made Of - Part 3 )
Pleasantries - Chapter 1 - What Dreams Are Made Of - Part 3

7:50 AM Friday, April 4

What Dreams are Made of - Part 3 )

Notes: I have a love/hate thing going with this chapter not helped by the beginning and the end being written 3 months apart due to the interruption of the rampant plot bunny that is now known as (tentatively it may get bumped up) Chapter 5. Any lack of meshing between sections I blame on that *nods* that's my story anyway. On the other hand a lot of characterization took place in that time and later chapters will be all the better for it.

Credits: As usual custom content is by a whole slew of people who are amazing. There is far too much to list though. Too much to remember really. I will do my best to remember if you ask though!


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