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I feel it might be necessary to point out that in absolutely no way is the following download intended to offend anyone, nor will I take responsibility for any use by anyone, anywhere which does offend anyone. Further, if for some completely asinine (if you are offended by this download the ONLY reasons available to you fall under the category of "asinine") reason you are offended I will thank you to keep it to yourself.

Things you never thought you would have to say ... moving on, yes?

Models by remisims, [personal profile] jeans_sim_memoirs and of course, maxis.

Readers of Pleasantries (or those who just stalk my journal) might remember this make-over I posted ages ago of Tybalt.Previews and download under the cut )
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A while ago Dustfinger made this conversion for teens. Not so long ago I was on a hunt for a teen wedding gown. I didn't find much that would fit the bill so I set about making one.

Just because there is a shotgun doesn't mean they can't look pretty )
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There was a secret not so long ago at [ profile] simsecret about resource lists. I have meant to do a resource list for round about ever and just never did. Now that I am redownloading everything I thought I might as well. You can thank the secretmaker for the kick in the ass to remind me to do this. In no particular order, here are a few of my favourite creators (with mentions of some of my favourites which they created) and most used items.
f-list saving cut )

This list is by no means complete. I am adding as I go and downloading in batches. I will be adding to it as I download old stuff and find new stuff as well as adding links to my creator favorites. A link to this post will be added on the sidebar, check back regularly.
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While sorting through my downloads I stumbled on a pack of recolours I created for a S4S contest a while ago. I think it is fair to release to everyone else now.

CC Preview

Details this way. )
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But why not?

Hat is actually for teen-elder. Available over here.

Also, while I am here for a moment:

Happy Holidays!
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I learned stuff today. What did I learn?

1) I need to find my glasses.
2) Stop when things start getting blurry!

I had it! I did. The issue I had been having previously with getting this mesh working in game? Fixed!

... and then I click on something that I thought (this would be the tired induced blurry) was one thing and it so wasn't ... and I am not entirely sure what it was ... and I didn't figure out that I had clicked on the wrong thing until I had saved *headdesk*.

I am going to sleep now. So I can start this all over again tomorrw *nod* only this time I know what I did wrong the first time. This is progress yes?
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Of this post here, there is a possibility the reolours of the maxis willow trees from the "Blue Moon" set are borked and might break portions of your game. For me they started flashing blue and then I couldn't open the decorative catalog without the game crashing. (Bonus, in the process of working out that issue I can has fountains again! But anyone know how to get rid of the 3 "view" options on artwork?)

I have contacted BTB to let her know. Don't know if I will hear back or not . Just wanted to give you a heads up so if your game starts acting funny, this might be why.

*edit* To answer the questions: no, I am not saying don't install them! In fact please do! They are beautiful. I am just letting others know there is a chance, and it is a very slight chance, there may be issues with them. I honestly suspect there is a conflict with something else somewhere in my game. What? I have no idea. I wish I did because that would have saved me staring at my monitor for a good 5-6 minutes going "What? A recolour!? No way. Is that even possible? WTF?!"

Many tests later with various combinations of downloads and lack of downloads and triple checking everything all over again with the HCDU  I can say that yes, unfortunately that IS possible :( Whatever the conflict is, btw, the HCDU doesn't catch it.
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I'm going to start with the secret, because it is making me a bit uncomfortable.

In which I ramble and things get sappy ... but there is Anto! )
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I did. Did you believe me?

I told Mathew to stop me. He didn't.

It has come to my attention I am going to need formal dress uniforms for my police officers ... I haven't made them yet, but I did do this.

Don't look, it is bad )

Why did he not stop me?
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I've got the default face replacements from [ profile] remisims  which are pretty and eyes from [ profile] jesstheex that are all shiny. I have been tweaking other things here and there, cleaning up funky shadows and bad blends on skins, fixing weird seams on clothing, that sort of thing. My game is looking all pretty and shiny!

Except Tel's eyes. :(

are like the bane of my existance! )

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There are more in the works but I (think) I have enough to finish the scene for chapter 5 now. (Now  a.k.a. "The chapter of recolours") so the next set will actually be a few days. Unless I get bored ... then it could be here tomorrow.

Now available on dreamwidth, Though do read the warning at the top of the post.

Seriously, I was groaning at myself for hours over that one. I did it anyway! But ... yeah.
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Before we get into this I need to warn everyone. One of these is in incredibly bad taste.


Hairspray, Lipstick, Cologne and ... yeah. )
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Somehow I don't think Sims was the intended outlet though ... *shrug*


And yes, I will totally take requests if you have a pressing need for more spam. I need a ton of these things and there is only so much in my downloads folder that yells "Spam me!" without suggestions *nod*
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Not enough commercialization in your sims world?

Need to clutter up your visual space with advertising?

Materialism! Fun for the whole family. )
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I have written down all the previous suggestions (Thank you!) I am sure I can make them work somewhere, just maybe not where I was going to.

On the note of where I was going to use them because I thought the visual might help. (It didn't help me *sigh*)

cut for wallspammy type images )
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No really! He does. The problem is you can't see them, especially in the studio light they work in! Unless you know to look for them and then squint and kind of tilt your head to the side.

Then you still can't see them most of the time ...

FRECK!-les )
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I can't seem to keep anything simple.

Like ever.

What started as a simple matter of highlighting Caelan's nose freckles has turned into ...

Banner Image taken in game on Maxis Blends by [ profile] remisims and Venice-Magdalene by Pyxis

Eight chocolate, multi-wearable, "camera visible" (see details after previews), freckle blushes with three shades and various levels of "dusting".

previews and details this way )
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Update The Second: It has been pointed out to me that these are NOT all skintone compatible! The large bruises do NOT work well on very dark skin tones especially if they have a red or yellow undertone.

I checked compatibility with my default replacements and a few other skin tones but I simply didn't think to check with something in that colour range. That is a serious oversight on my part. I have every intention of correcting this as soon as time permits and I will re-upload the fixed version here.

Sorry about that. :/

Content Warning! Potentially Disturbing Images!

Enter the Dungeon )
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As requested one Delightful Little Freak! (Non CC version is available here, 8th on the page.)

Name: Arlec Chino (It's a horrible pun I know!)

None of these are set in stone
Stats: 6/9/4/9/0 (yes they are tweaked)
Zodiac: Taurus
Aspiration: Romance/Pleasure
Gender Preference: Male ('cause that wasn't glaringly obvious was it?)

As for his actual personality? He was created to be a completely off the wall, potentially homicidal, home wrecking little slut, and he would fulfill that role quite well in the limited playing that I have done. Feel free to give him your own personality though!

Tune in, Turn on, Drop out )


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