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Update: Found courtesy of Psychosim. Thank you!
Also it would appear these were actually by SimArchitect, which means I most likely originally got them in a lot by Loverat and thus thought that was who created them.

I am looking for the glass roof domes by Loverat seen in these pictures:

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Does anyone have any idea where I can find the SC4 files for Downtown and the three uni hoods? Or, if they are already in the SC4s folder, what are they called? 'Cause I have been looking, and my daughter has been looking and opening up all of them in SC4 and we can not find them. :( I seem to recall, vaguely, there was a way to extract the SC4 from a hood, I have no idea where I saw it or how it was done.

*edit* I should probably clarify we are looking for the SC4 files so we can open them in SC4. Already have the cleaned templates for TS2.

Also looking for somewhere that might have a list of the starting stats (personality points, OTH etc) of all the Sims 2 premades. I know the wiki has Zodiac and Aspiration, but a list of the rest of it would be awesome if one is available.

Erm. It has been a while since I looked at the wiki and it seems they do have personalities now so I am good there!


Dec. 8th, 2011 02:22 pm
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*edit!* Found it! Please ignore my premature panic.

I have forgotten a ton in my absence and that means I need help. Pretty please.

Posebox, no idea which one (probably more than one and I know Ihave it, I have used it, I just can't remember which box it is and I can't find it in the catalog) sim is leaning with their hands on a table, arms straight, palms flat. Any suggestions?

I had it!

Sep. 27th, 2011 06:32 pm
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I need someone to save me from myself because I had this damn thing and I lost it. Somewhere out in the wide, wild sims world is a tiny little .package that stops sims from putting the baby on the floor. Instead they will hand it to someone else or put the damn thing back in the crib where it belongs (No, I will not belive they are fine on the floor. They aren't fine, they are in the damn way and look cluttery!)

I can tell you the .package in question is not nodroptiredbaby from MATY.


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*edit* Found! Part of the Fairybulosa Set by You should go check it out. It is gorgeous.

Because you guys are awesome at that and the sooner I find it the better.

I am looking for ivy covered spiral stairs, most likely obtained from GOS (Where I am looking now. Was not me who downloaded them originally so it is something of a needle in a haystack search). Any suggestions hugely appreciated!
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... they breed. And the thing about plot bunnies? They breed plots! Sooooo ... now I have a couple of WCIF's.

Has anyone ever come across a motorcycle toy, kind of like the toy car or the horse even for Sims 2? How about one of those rugs with the streets on them? I swear I have seen one in the game ... I so can not find it.

What are the bunnies plotting? )


Mar. 18th, 2011 05:16 am
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Found! Thank you remi!

I think I found every other decorative animal known to man (Even a moose! I have a moose! I will admit I totally passed on the spiders though. *shudder* Yes, you may place bets they eventually make it to my downloads folder anyway.) I did not find a non-pets bunny.

Bunny ears! Just no bunny :(

Has anyone ever run across a decorative, at least somewhat realistic looking, bunny?
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(I have to get this out of the way) Oh. My. F'ing. Gods! It let me post! I have been getting this (look into the secret world of weird shit Kate has open on her computer and bookmarked on her tool bar ... or you know, just read the error) randomly since Friday. GRRRRRR! The first time I went to make this post (two hours ago) I got it again and had enough so an error report has been filed (and Apple has been bitched out for disabling printscreen functionality in Safari. I totally expect to randomly be hacked now. I am okay with this, I have a long list of further complaints to bitch them out about. Starting with the abomination that is the iMac and continuing through the increasing trend of catering to the lowest common denominator and Safari's "Send screenshot of current page to Apple" actually sending a shot of EVERY SINGLE PAGE for that browsing session. Bring it on. We can be at this for a looooooooong time.)

Now, why I was actually going to post this.

I think I saw them somewhere, emphasis on the think part. I am looking for something like the face overlays in Custom Modeling Poses Overlay Hack V2 w/Face Overlays I have TS2 Studios (the one with the paw print) and a few others (that I forgot to write down while in game and now can't remember) that do facial expressions for children, but nothing that will let me overlay them. Any suggestions? I don't work with children often. This has me a little frustrated.
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I know it came form MTS (obviously, the name kind of gives that away) but does anyone know where a current link to Invisible ceiling Lighting" with a .package file name of MTS2_-_InvisibleLightenUp.package might happen to be? I've looked. I can't find.

*edit* Info I should have included before but I don't always remember these things.

I do have this light in my game and have had for ages. It gets frequent use. It is completely invisible. No part of the light itself is visible at all (except the light it gives off obviously) The only information I can find from digging around in the .package file is what I have listed above. Looking for link for sharing/crediting purposes.

Thanks to those who have offered suggestions so far :) It is appreciated.


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