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I know I should have checked over EVERYTHING about every prescription I was given. I should have done more than just read the fact sheets the pharmacy gave me about them. I should have waited until my usual pharmacist was working to pick them up, because she would have caught it well before I was sitting here last night trying to sort my way through the half set gelatine fog that has been my brain for the past few days trying to remember when I last took my "as needed" anti-nausea medication. And I REALLY should have done it the moment I started getting the feeling that my medical oncologist didn't actually know what Chiari was when she told me that I got dizzy all the time because I was tired.

I know better and I didn't do it anyway.

So, for anyone else that may, at some point, decide to take complete leave of their senses and do what I did, I would like to just leave this friendly reminder to TRIPLE CHECK EVERYTHING. You know, so you too don't end up sitting before your computer with a pharmacology database open, blinking back and forth between your screen and the fact sheets you got from the pharmacy and saying "Oh my fuck! I am going to strangle that old bitty before she even gets a chance to retire at the end of the month!"

My medical oncologist prescribed me an anti-psychotic.

It can also be used, and is apparently quite effective, to prevent nausea, except, if for some reason, something else is going on, like your spinal fluid doesn't circulate properly and the medication just kind of sits there, overdosing your brain and causing more nausea ... you know, like what happens when you have Chiari Malformation.

I think I can manage to not strangle my medical oncologist before she retires at the end of the month. I did not take the "as needed" pill last night, for which she should probably be very grateful. I can almost  think clearly this morning and thus a homicidal rage does not sound like quite such a fun idea today. We will be having words though, and the first words will probably be, "If you haven't thought of it before now, I would suggest you start thinking that today would be a really good day to make your last day, because if I have to see you again, knowing you didn't read a damn thing any other doctor wrote for you to read and didn't even bother to look up what Chiari Malformation is you will no longer have that nifty retirement fund you are planning to use. I will have it when the medical board finds out about your extreme negligence."

I would probably not even be that harsh with her, the woman is beyond old, except I know, for certain she has letters from my GP, Neurologist AND Neurosurgeon that all, in varying ways and worded much more politely, say "Do not fuck with this patients brain chemistry! EVER!"
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l am not sure if my mother and Mathew were getting visions of the future when they decided I needed a tablet, but I am so very glad they did.  I wouldn't be making this post without it and l am a little surprised it can recognize my chicken scratch but it can! and l am posting!

Excuse me? You wanna do what now? )

I need to get lost for a while longer. I'll be back though, as soon as I can think without my brain screaming "AMPUTATION!". Right now, there is a kinky Antivan Crow who is putting the moves on a cute little Dalish Rouge.  That is a way better topic to be thinking about.
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K, so first things first. My brothers are doing okay. It remains to be seen if either of them have learned anything and will change what they need to change but the wake-up call was delivered and received at least for the rest of us. Mathew's uncle is also well, all things considered.

snip )
See, not all bad, just need to put things in perspective.
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I have been putting this post off until I was in a better mood, or at least a better mind-frame to talk about it.  My unanswered messages are piling up though which means it is probably beyond time for an explanation as to why. For those of you on the f-list that also fall into the category of "family" this is all the talking about it I will be doing. Anything else you want to know, talk to mom or Matt. I have the option to not deal with it right now. I am using it.

Brain related shit .. again. It is not all in my head and that is the whole damn problem! )
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So, back in October, 4 days before I was scheduled for decompression surgery on my brain the surgery was canceled due to "elevated white blood cell count and a nodule in the upper right chest". Yeah, a "nodule". Official medical term. To be precise an "approximately 1.5 cm nodule".

Cut for medical stuff, biologically I am weird too! )

In other news. My graphics card sputtered its last breath the other day. Literal sputtering even, then it spiked to temps I don't even want to think about and my computer shutdown. :/

Now, because I have an awesome child, she has let me borrow her's until I get a new one. So pics are still happening. Her card is nowhere near what mine was and I am still adjusting to this whole "What do you mean I can't have 50 controllable sims on the lot?" thing, but pics are happening! Happening to the point that Chapter 4 Part 1 of Pleasantries should be up later tonight. :D

This makes me happy! I have had parts of this chapter written since January. It is also the ending of the first major plot arch and the kicking into gear of the plot proper! Parts 2 and 3 will follow shortly after but they kind of have to come as a set so I don't know quite yet when those will be out. Should be some time in the next week or so.

Right, so that is what I have been up to. A lot of waiting, but also a lot of writing.


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