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I got a question on Formspring, one of the ones I had to think about for a bit before I could answer it.

I've thought about it.

You are writing letters to your characters. What do you say?

I say )
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: Series 2/13  Chapter 1 is here. Index is here.
Rating: NC-17 but only for language. Please note I will NOT be adding any extra level of protection to this. This is your warning.
Word count: 4900+
Advisories: Language, Slurs about sexual orientation, Smoking,  Catty Bitch, Hopeless Adam remains Hopeless, Over dramatic posing to go with over dramatic prose, and OMFG! Huge with 89 images.
X-posted: [ profile] slash4sims  
Notes: M/M (pre-slash at this point). Written for [ profile] slash4sims .
Summary: Adam tries to apologize ... again.

From the first time I met you, what could I do
But pray for the strength to see this one through
And I'm tryin' it slips away )
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And it is a bit scary ...

Really, what was I doing? )

[ profile] debbycus ! Proofing stuff coming your way tomorrow! Soon as I get about 14 hours sleep :D
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: Series 1/13
Rating: I could almost call this one PG -13 except for the occurrence of one word (bonus cookies if you can catch the word!) so it gets NC -17 *sigh* Please note I will NOT be adding any extra level of protection to this. This is your warning.
Word count: 3600+
Prompts: Euphoria(loosely), Midnight, Horror (loosely)
Advisories: coarse language, bullying, bitchy girls, jerky boys, annoying siblings, moody teenagers, bad stereo-typing, book abuse, adult conversations. Huge chapter is huge with 69 images plus two bonus.
X-posted: [ profile] slash4sims 
Notes: M/M (pre-slash at this point). Written for [ profile] slash4sims. This is a bit different for me. An explanation as to how (and about the inspiration, thanks to Sister Hazel) can be read here
Summary: Angelo just wants to find a quiet place to read his book. Everyone else seems to have other plans.

Would you think you could meditate
in the middle of the eye of a hurricane
Would you now but somehow
If we were tethered here together
We’d weather out the weather here

- Swan Dive
- Sister Hazel

And I'm learning - along the way )

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Edit: Chasing Daylight has been started. The index can be found here.

"Mom? Could you maybe write a story sometime that I could read?" she asked, folding her hands under her chin, "Please? You write good stories and I want to read them so much but they are too old for me."

When the nine year old asks so sincerely, and with just that little hint of flattery thrown in for good measure, who am I to say no? Since I have been struggling writing everything else recently as well, I thought the change of pace might be just what I needed, so I started writing.

Of course I failed miserably. The result is not suitable for a nine year old and I am now in a world of trouble the likes of which only a little girl can dish out. The glares are a bit frightening really.

Since I had failed in my original task I decided to turn it to something I had been wanting to try for awhile. I write to music, as I am sure most reading this do. What I don't do often is use prompts. I have always thought it would be fun to take an entire album from one artist and use it as a series of prompts.

Chasing Daylight will be a short series written for [ profile] slash4sims  named after the album Chasing Daylight by Sister Hazel. with each chapter (after the first one) taking it's title and inspiration from one of the songs on the album. I've mixed up the order a bit though.  Because my muse occasionally needs a really swift kick to get going I will also be taking the [ profile] slash4sims monthly prompts and working them in when needed starting with May's prompts. Seriously, I have been mostly brain dead recently, I need all the help I can get to get ideas going. This is my "I need to do something before I go crazy" project.

The story is based in the same universe as Pleasantries but that is where the similarities end. Also, since it was originally intended for younger readers it will for the most part be PG 13. Some coarser language, but very little smut.

It's s fun light little story that takes a lot of liberty with "the real world". I hope you enjoy.


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