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The first of several share-ables actually, but first the progress report!

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But only in the extremely vague sort of way!

I probably won't be back around until November (still have the rat-brat's costume to finish along with everything else) thus why the journal is decorated a little early and I REALLY wanted to have a short story finished by now, the laptop harddrive waved goodbye the other day so it is in being fixed and I have to rewrite the whole thing over again (which I will, but I just don't have time to complete it before the end of the month) sooooo ...

Canon compliance in obscure ways!
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I know, I know, I said I was going to finish the update. I got a little sidetracked by something I found in an old image folder last night. It was a Pleasantries related sidetracking! That has to count for something right? And is going to turn into CC for chapter 7 so I am working on it!

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Actually you won't because this one was cut


and there are 94 images in this update? 95? Something like that.

Right, inappropriate expressions that I really wish had been appropriate:

Teaser-ish pic and a rant. )
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Reading [ profile] kittykat2010 's post earlier where she mentioned her mouse wheel didn't work and I was all "Wow, that has to suck. So glad that is not me!"

I should not have thought that because there I was, working on the images for 5.6, happily scrolling away and ... my mouse wheel died.

Thus I am no where near as close to finished as I wanted to be :(

Course that does mean you get another teaser, because I like teasers and it seems freaking [ profile] amochan8878  out with them keeps me motivated *nod*.

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*Disclaimer: This opinion piece is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with the Grim Reaper. The events depicted in this "work of fiction" are based on unsubstantiated rumor and should not be assumed to be fact. Further, all named parties shall be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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At all.


That was so not convincing was it?

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Yes, you will know what I am up too soon!
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... they breed. And the thing about plot bunnies? They breed plots! Sooooo ... now I have a couple of WCIF's.

Has anyone ever come across a motorcycle toy, kind of like the toy car or the horse even for Sims 2? How about one of those rugs with the streets on them? I swear I have seen one in the game ... I so can not find it.

What are the bunnies plotting? )


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