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It is at SimplanX as soon as the booty is back up.

Also remember to get the damn candy lamps from Parsimonious this time!

(This list will probably grow, I am writing and things I will need keep occurring to me. Seriously, I need someone here taking notes as I talk to myself.)
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l am not sure if my mother and Mathew were getting visions of the future when they decided I needed a tablet, but I am so very glad they did.  I wouldn't be making this post without it and l am a little surprised it can recognize my chicken scratch but it can! and l am posting!

Excuse me? You wanna do what now? )

I need to get lost for a while longer. I'll be back though, as soon as I can think without my brain screaming "AMPUTATION!". Right now, there is a kinky Antivan Crow who is putting the moves on a cute little Dalish Rouge.  That is a way better topic to be thinking about.
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K, so first things first. My brothers are doing okay. It remains to be seen if either of them have learned anything and will change what they need to change but the wake-up call was delivered and received at least for the rest of us. Mathew's uncle is also well, all things considered.

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See, not all bad, just need to put things in perspective.
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You guys!!!! OMG! I am so excited (and it has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming cheesecake, that just makes it better!). I did it! I donno how, but OMG!

Here, I explained it to mathew already, I will share.

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Yeah, okay. I am just a little bit excited about this.

I really did put in the wrong versions of my recolours. The Villega family is back from their stint rooming with the Reaper and I can do a quick reinstall FROM BACK-UPS!

And this time, I know how to avoid the bug that caused the duplicate characters in the first place (double check your game versions on mods, really! Even if you are sure, check anyway!) :D

Yeah, I am done with the excited babble now, I am going to go bounce around the house for a few more minutes then get back to posing, cause I don't have to spend weeks doing a hood rebuild.
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Not the point I wanted to make though.


now to find the time to finish it )

Really. Promise.
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Banjo is now fully recovered, which is awesome. What isn't awesome? She has decided she is now a lapcat and very pushy about the process if I disagree.

Today's Special: Blue )

And I have just noticed there is a blue spot on the ceiling. That paint went flying further than I realized. Somehow this amuses me. Of course I am also slightly puzzled by the blob of what appears to be glitter glue next to it ... I think my child and I need to have a chat.
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I've got the default face replacements from [ profile] remisims  which are pretty and eyes from [ profile] jesstheex that are all shiny. I have been tweaking other things here and there, cleaning up funky shadows and bad blends on skins, fixing weird seams on clothing, that sort of thing. My game is looking all pretty and shiny!

Except Tel's eyes. :(

are like the bane of my existance! )

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K, so I seem to be physically incapable of starting the game.

Seriously in need of a motivational speech! )
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First though, should anyone else ever find they have a use for it,  this is a very helpful tool. Pretty much self explanatory what it is used for.

Right moving on. Couple things.

Train wrecks ... I have them! )


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